Monday, July 23, 2012

A Depends Moment.

Do you remember the post I wrote a while ago about meeting a bear while driving down the road near our house?  Well, it just gets better and better.

Last night as Mr LC and I were taking our daily constitutional we happened upon a bear about 50 up the road from us.

Definitely a reenactment.

I turned around and headed for home so fast it would make your head spin.  I did wait long enough to see the bear run off when he heard me screaming talking.  I turned around to see Mr LC head off toward the spot where we saw the bear.  What are you doing? I shrieked while running in place.  I just want to see where he went says Mr LC all calm and crazy like.

Finally (it seemed like an hour)  Mr LC heads toward home behind me.  I turn around again and wait for him to catch up.  Wow he marvels aloud. I didn't know you could run that fast.  Aggghhhh!

Reenactment photo from here

Friday, July 20, 2012

Brain Explosion.

I don't know where to start.  There's so much going on around here and I don't even have time to write posts much less take pictures to go with them.  I ran outside just now and snapped a couple.

It's been really hot here this summer which is amazing.  Things still look pretty green though.

I'm still getting orders for cushion covers.  It seems unbelievable to me.

The living room is almost finished being painted.  It's slow going because Mr LC is repairing the plaster and I have to follow along with painting at his speed.

I know I still haven't taken pictures of the bathroom because I don't have any dodads or pictures on the walls yet.

Mr LC is making four sets of drapes for other folks as we speak.  Besides looking like a tip, the dining room is now festooned with drapery fabric.

I have a repetitive stress injury in my left shoulder which  involves physio therapy and acupuncture.  I'm not allowed to be on the computer more than twenty minutes a day.  Laptops are the devil.

I'll now insert a picture.

We have to go to a wedding this evening.  Did I tell you I hate weddings?

My shoulder is killing me so I have to go.

Guess what,  WE'RE GOING TO FRANCE FOR THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to Paris and eat a macaron.  Don't anybody try and stop me either.