Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Olympics and an Award

I apologize for the lack of posts lately but I was totally immersed in watching the Olympic games. I am not into sports at all and never watch them except for the Olympics. I wonder if anyone can explain this weird behaviour to me.

My friend Jody over at Peach Blossom Hill gave me this award, my first ever! I'm supposed to pass it on and tell ten things about myself. Here goes:

1. I am more comfortable going in a room full of strangers than people I know. I have no explanation for this.

2. My mother lived with us for the last two years of her life as she battled cancer. She died a year and a half ago and I am just now getting to a place of peacefulness and contentment.

3. When I was 17, on a school trip to the Mediterranean countries I was almost kidnapped into white slavery by a man in Tunisia, North Africa. I guess a herd of screaming 17 year olds was too much for him!

4. I love European history, especially British history and can name every one of King Henry viii's wives.

5. My husband is going to retire in a year from this coming June and I don't know what I will do with him around every day! eek!

6. I was a stay at home mum for my kids. We had to do a lot of budgeting and making do because this economy is not made for single income families. I still stay at home because my hubby likes me to be home when he's finished work for the day. No problem sweetie!

7. I silkscreen pillows and things and I want to start up an Etsy shop but I am scared.

8. I have not had sugar for four weeks and have lost 10 lbs. My mood has been considerably better so that is worth it.

9. I need some alone time everyday. This was a big problem for me when my mother was living with us but I managed some how. My husband knows this about me and he helped me so much with my mum, I don't think many guys would have been as patient with me as he was.

10. I would happily live in England if I could afford it. I've been there twice and love it so much.

I'm sure that's about as much excitement as you can stand for now. When I learn how to do the link thing I will pass this on.

Thanks Jody!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three Strikes and I'm Out

This is just a gratuitous shot of my chair cushion that I made on the same style chair. Cute I think.
Okay, here's the problem. I have three mantels in my house. I know you're thinking wow three fireplaces with mantels to decorate, how cool is that! Well, I'm totally out of ideas on how to decorate them. I am so tired of clutter, you wouldn't believe the boxes of just stuff I've been packing up! The one above is in the living room.
This one is the dining room. I got those word things at the dollar store and I just stuck those up there to mess with my girls. "Oh Mum, that's so dumb!" So the words can go and everything else except those picture frames. They are actually on hinges and cover up two neat little hidden alcoves. The pictures are the only ones I could find to fit the openings but I'm looking for something to put in the frames.
The last one is in the kitchen. I took everything off the mantel yesterday except the clock and I immediately felt better. Unfortunately there is a plug up there behind the matchbox so I need something in that space but I'm open to options. I stacked some books up there along with my little dog because the wall ends before the bricks do and it looks weird just empty. So girls, please make my day and help me out. Please, I'm begging you! Also, as time and money allow, I'm covering up the ugly red 1950's brick in the living room and dining room so I'd also like some ideas on what colour tile to get. Cheers!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Place of My Own part two: Mini Bedroom

When I posted pictures of my dollhouse living room I got a chuckle because some of you thought it was my real house! I'll take it as a compliment.
This is my mini bedroom. I tried to make it kind of cottagey, shabby chic style. The pink bedspread is a silk hankie I found at an antique shop. The little dresser and the crates came from Jemjoop, she has a wonderful shop on Etsy.
The armoire came from Michael's. I just painted it and papered the inside back.
The rug came from Ebay and was super cheap. I searched high and low for the spool bed, I had one like that as a girl and then Daughter #2 used it when she came along. I don't know if you can tell but there is a diamond ring in a box on the night stand. I can (waste) spend hours online searching for minis!
Sorry for the picture quality, I'll try and take some using daughter #2's camera while I still have it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's All in a Name

Some of you may not know about the Loyalists. They were a group of people from the United States who, during the War of Independence, remained loyal to England and wanted to remain under the reign of the king.
They moved up here to Canada and were rewarded for their loyalty by receiving free land grants from the king. The area of New Brunswick where I come from is full of old loyalist families and I'm descended from the loyalists too. My family came from New York and my ancestor was a sea captain.
I cannot imagine what these poor souls thought when they arrived here and found nothing but wilderness. No roads, no houses, nothing. After coming from communities in the States they arrived here equipped only with tents and provisions for the first winter. Our house was built on one of these grants. The Hoyt family moved here in approximately 1799 and had their house built by 1802. That's pretty fast work when you have to clear the land and saw the lumber! The boards used to frame in this house are huge: Some are 32 feet long by 2 feet wide! This property remained in the same family until the 1970's and we are only the second owners since then. I only skimmed the history of the Loyalists but I hope you enjoyed the history lesson!

Just Shoot Me Tuesday

I borrowed my daughter's camera on the weekend to try out because I'm planning on buying a new camera for myself. The old Kodak Easy Share just ain't doing it for me anymore.
Everyone's blog has such gorgeous pictures. Mine does not. My husband couldn't understand why our camera wasn't doing it for me. When he saw these photos he immediately understood.
Anyway, I'm still practicing and I want to know from you, Dear Reader, what kind of camera you own.
By the way I received these beautiful tulips for Valentines Day. The man is definitely a keeper!

Go Canada Go!

I was so excited last night when Canada won our first gold medal. We are all wearing our red mittens here, I love how you see the maple leaf when you wave. Small things make me happy. I'm not into sports unless it's during the Olympic games and then I pretty much watch everything. So with the four hour delay on our side of the country I'm going to be pretty tired! Hope others are enjoying them too!

edited to add: It's been four weeks since I gave up sugar and I've lost eight pounds. Go me!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Remember Mama

A long time ago my mother made this laundry bag. She made the stitches and coloured the picture. I came accross this when I was digging out my (unironed) tablecloths. I'm afraid this bag is older than I am! I would love to know what she coloured the fabric with don't you? Do you notice that she never completed it either! I wonder if I should.

Lovely Things

I love to collect vintage pitchers and tablecloths. They make me happy.

This little jug is one of my favourites.
My aunt did the embroidery on this cloth a long time ago. She gave it to me because I love pansies. She just passed away a short time ago so it is extra special to me.
The rest of the cloths either came from my Mum or at yard sales. I never paid more than $2.00 for any of them.
I have lots more little pitchers I will show another time. Does anyone else like to collect these things?

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Place of My Own

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted a dollhouse. My favourite toys were always miniatures of something, be it dolls or houses. A few years ago, when we first became empty nesters, I decided to fulfill my life long dream of owning a dollhouse. Thank you Ebay! We don't live near a large enough city, so all my purchases came from online. I've made a few things but mostly bought the furniture, etc. There are lots of great blogs and other online sources with tons of ideas.
The living room rug is hand stitched. The walls are Benjamin Moore Natural Linen and the tea set is real silver in honour of my hubby who collects real size silver. The little mat at the foot of the stairs was made by me stitched totally in french knots which mimics rug hooking. My husband wired the house for me and the lighting just brings the place alive. You notice I have a dining room table but no chairs, still hunting for the perfect ones. I think if you click on the pics they will get bigger.
Thanks to Jayme of Tales from the Coop Keeper she has got me going on my dollhouse again. I kind of put in the background lately. Next time I'll post pictures of the kitchen. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pass It On

My friend Karin over at Creative Chaos wants to share this great news for crafters everywhere:

First.......I have it on good authority that I and/or my group in no way shape or form scared, frightened or struck terror in Carol Duvall with our frenzied meeting. Thank God. So that leads me to my second piece of good news. Not only was I not banned from any future meetings, gatherings or correspondence, I was given top super secret information about the eventual return of Carol by her long time producer Kelly Ehrlich. Kelly and I have quickly become, as one might say in the industry, BFF's since that fateful meeting in the lobby. Ok, she's only written me twice.......but, hey, that's BFF material in my book.......Hi Kelly! Coffee next week? I'll have my people call your people!

Anyway, the super top secret information is that Kelly is trying to get an online craft community together called icraftnetwork featuring Carol. Although the site is not up yet, she is hoping for beta testing in the next couple of months. If you email Kelly at , you will be put on the mailing list, as well as, be part of first beta test group. Meaning you will get to see the site before the general public. It’s like a backstage pass to a rock concert!

So, anyhow, I got a chance to chit chat with Kelly about the new site...........

Karin: So, Kelly, now that I've been "personally chosen" to spread the word, what can you tell us about the site.

Kelly: Ummm, I’ve actually told many people about this; but I'm glad you can help us out! The site is not up yet; however, we are hoping to have it ready for beta testing in a a couple of months. What everyone can look forward seeing on the site is the largest fully interactive craft community online which will include many of your crafting idols, a market place where members can sell their own crafts, they will have access to amazing craft projects from the craft industries most talented and most recognized craft experts. We will be the HULU of craft programming.

Karin: That sounds exciting! Can you explain to everyone what that will entail?

Kelly: Well, they will be able to view and discover craft programming they never even knew was out there. We will be producing original icraft Network programming with all the Carol Duvall show regulars and the craft industries leading craft designers as well. There are so many bells and whistles on this site it will literally be a crafters utopia.

Karin: I love utopias! Especially when it involves crafts. So how can crafters participate on the icraftnetwork?

Kelly: There will be a variety of ways crafters can participate. Members will be able to upload and share their own projects and craft videos. We will be highlighting craft bloggers, events, news etc. The purpose of this site is to bring the best of the crafting world all under one roof.

Karin: So does that mean Carol will be back on our screen soon?

Kelly: Carol is going high tech; so keep an eye out for Carol and friends coming to a computer screen near you soon!

Karin: So, Kelly, can you let me in on any other secrets....please........pretty please......

Kelly: Ok.....I will say this, top secret of course, there is power in numbers and my wish is to build the largest online craft community that will support the launch of a 24hr craft network. I think the networks are missing out by not seeing the huge demand there is for this type of programming. I want to prove to them that there is a HUGE demand and an audience that will support this type of programming. THAT is why I need every crafter who misses The Carol Duvall Show and other shows like hers to email us at and let your voice be heard!!! In the meantime, we will producing online craft segments and shows for your viewing pleasure on the site.

Karin: So one last that I practically know Carol on a personal level, do you think she would come over to my house if I cooked her dinner?

Kelly: Maybe with a little added security and some guidelines, you might get her to accept a dinner

Karin: Yay! Carol's coming over for dinner! I hope she likes Costco

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back to the drawing board

Last Saturday after endless searching I found a vanity for the bathroom. It has a marble top and an undermount sink and is in the cottage style that I am looking for. Now DM decides it's too small and he will build me one. Oh, dear, this may take awhile and in the meantime there is no sink in the bathroom, our ONE and only bathroom. It's the never ending project, never mind the craft room. Help me Rhonda! Beam me up Scotty! the end.