Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Post in Which I Have Nothing to Say.

Yesterday I took Daughter #2 for a prenatal assessment.  All is well and the baby is due on our Thanksgiving weekend.  I hope to get out of cooking dinner for this one.  Why do all the holiday celebrations fall on the wife/mother?  I digress.

Yesterday the weather was warmer than it had been all summer.  Today we are huddled around the woodburner in the kitchen.

I saw another bear on Saturday.  I sure hope it was the same one we saw before as it was much farther away from our house.
Not funny.

It was Mr LC's turn to cook dinner last night and his sister called and invited us over for dinner at her place.  I hope this means he's cooking tonight.

Can anyone tell from this post that I don't like to cook?

I did make a potato and leek soup the other day for the first time and I must say it was awesome.  Thanks to Jamie Oliver.
He's so cute.

I still don't like to cook though.

Over and out.  Carry on.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Somebody Reads My Blog.

Last night I got a phone call from this creature:

Playing the pregnant card she convinced her hubby to go and get her some of these:

She had to call and tell me they were on sale and had moved to the cookie aisle.  She's helpful that way.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Time Travel.

When I was a teenager I liked to refinish old furniture.  I used to love to strip off the years of old black varnish and make the piece look nice again.  My grandmother gave me a rocking chair back then because she was impressed by my skill(!) She took me over to an old storage shed behind the house and there up in the rafters was an old rocking chair.  My grandmother collected rocking chairs like there was no tomorrow.  We got the dusty old piece down(the chair I mean) and I set to work.  Et voila!  When my grandmother saw the chair all done up, she wanted it back!  The nerve!
I just dug it out of our old shed because #2 wants a rocking chair for the soon to arrive baby.  I rocked her and her sister many an hour in this old gal.

I love the carving on the back.

Doesn't she look so happy!  The end is near.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Coupon Update.

I just wanted to let you know (because I know you're super interested) how I did with my coupons last week.  I scored!  It took me a couple of hours to peruse all the flyers for the stores in our area but I did it.  I comparison shopped and checked for good sales and made sure I had the coupons to match.
Here's my pile for this week:
I'm not going to clear the shelves or hoard inordinate amounts of stuff.  I'll just buy things I need and use.  I never used to check the ads before shopping.  Once I started I couldn't get over how much money I was wasting by just throwing things in my shopping cart without looking at the prices. Shameful, really.

Imagine my excitement when perusing the foreign food aisle I came upon these:

Tim Tams!  And they were on sale!!!  A real Australian delicacy!  Yum!
Happy shopping, mates.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Up Close and Personal.

Before Mr LC retired we used to go out every Friday night for a date.  Now that he is home we no longer need a date night because we are together all the time. Sigh.  However, Mr LC decided to be sweet and take me out to Tims for a coffee (smoothie for me) and a doughnut.

Now, we live on a dirt road in the ruralist of rural areas.  We are twenty minutes from the nearest small town.  This evening we started down our road (in the car) and before we got very far we saw this crossing our path.

A BEAR!  I have never seen a real bear out in the wild before.  I was scared, very scared.  Mr LC was excited, very excited.  He rolled down the window of the car and called to the bear!  Thankfully, the bear ignored him. This past spring the small town we live near warned about bears moseying around the streets.  A small town is heaven for a bear. They wouldn't have to go pawing through the wilds looking for food.  Everyone is storing it for them in their backyard.  So what, I ask you, is a bear doing all the way out here?  He has to actually forage for food out here.  He has to compete with all the raccoons and deer for food out here.  Go back to town, Mr Bear, I beg you.  I am never going for a walk again. shudder.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Depressing News.

I received an email from Mr LC's cousin today with some disturbing news.  She and her hubby are staying at a Chateau. In France. For cheapsies.

Here's a night view:

 I don't know how they stand it.
There are three couples and they have the place all to themselves.  I know!  Poor things.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Extreme Couponing, Loyalist Cottage Edition.

I've noticed lately that some of my bloggy friends are getting into couponing in a big way.  You know, clipping coupons, watching the store flyers for sales and cashing in on some great deals.  As I've told you before, I'm a follower so I decided to check this out.  It turns out that couponing could be a full time job.  I poured over web sites and downloaded coupons for what seemed like hours.
Coupons in hand I dragged invited Mr LC along for the expedition.  I was so excited as I trolled through the store looking for my bargains.  I told Mr LC he was going to have to build some shelves to hold all of the stash we were going to collect.  This would be great now that we are destitute pensioners.

I can't wait to show you my stash.  Wait for it.......

What, do I hear laughter at my one and only stash item!?  People, behave.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time Travel.

This is my great grandmother:
She used to hang in our dining room.  It's a very large picture. Mr LC and the girls begged me to remove her because they said she kept staring at them and they couldn't eat dinner.  So I moved her.  I do what I'm told.  She got relegated to the upstairs hall behind an old dresser.  Sad, but true.

This is a tea set that belonged to my great grandmother.  She died when my grandmother (her daughter) was just a young girl.  My great grandfather remarried and my grandmother always said she thought her step mother wasn't very careful with this tea set and things got broken.
The cups are so thin you can practically see through them.  My grandmother never used these dishes and I only use them on birthdays.  I think if she knew I used them she would roll over in her grave.

My great grandmother made these quilt blocks.  Grandmother's half sister gave them to me many years ago and my mum made them up into this quilt for me.
So, is it time to put Great Grandmother back up on the wall?  Unfortunately, nothing discourages my appetite.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Retirement 2.1

A few weeks ago Mr LC ordered some new business cards.  Since he retired his old ones weren't much good anymore.  I couldn't understand why he even needed business cards now and when I asked him about it I just got some sort of mumbled reply.

The new cards came the other day.  I've blurred out all the incriminating evidence but just give the rest of it a study.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Old Mother Hubbard.

I don't think Mother Hubbard had a refrigerator but if she did it would have looked like mine after nearly three days without power.
A wonderful opportunity for a good scrubbing.

We won't starve though.  Mr LC brought these in just before supper:
One of the perks of living in the wilds of Canada.  Blackberries.