Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Waiting for Spring

Here in the arctic er, the Maritimes the winters can be long, cold, and dreary. What's a snow hating, cold hating couple do on these long winter evenings? No, not that, we sew, we quilt, we... wait, that's all I know how to do!
My husband is a renaissance man, he can build, he can teach, he can preach and he can also sew! He has made all the curtains in our home, slipcovers and upholestry too. My mum was an avid quilter and I always knew that one day I'd be sorry I never learned. Well, that day arrived a little over a year ago when my mum passed away. After going through tons of my mum's quilting fabric, patterns, etc. the DM decided he would make a quilt and he did. This is that quilt. The cute little girl you see in the picture on the right is me. 'nough said.
I on the other hand make pillows. I used a silkscreen to make the one pictured above. So that is how we fill our long winter evenings except for Monday when 24 is on!


Jemjoop said...

Gorgeous quilt! You've got a very handy DM!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Arnold Nippert's wife. I enjoy your blog. I love old houses, antiques, and sewing too. Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful things.