Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Post in Which I Have Nothing to Say.

It's 7C here today.  Are we living in Australia for heaven's sake?

Last week I read a book a day just to see if I could.  Unfortunately, I could.

There are too many birthdays and special occasions here at the LC in the spring.  Being wined and dined is exhausting.

My husband endured severe ridicule in his workplace for not getting me a Mother's Day gift.  He says I'm not his mother.  I'm not.  I hope.

Daughter #2 knows what I like.  Three British decorating magazines!

Said daughter now has a baby bump.  So cute.

Daughter #1 gave said daughter flowers and a card for Mother's Day because she is a mother in waiting.  How sweet is that?

Sassy is still away on her vacation training trip.  She must be a slow learner.

The garden will soon be awash in Forget Me Nots.

And that's all I have to say about nothing.


An Urban Cottage said...

We love to see Sassy anytime we can.

7C? We don't know what that means. Can you translate to American?

Razmataz said...

It has been so cold. I actually wore my winter coat yesterday to walk, it was a cold wind.

My husband says the same thing "you're not my mother" We'll see how he enjoys fathers day with no hot breakfast and not new gold shirt...he ain't my dad!

I didnlt know your daughter was exciting.

Razmataz said...

Golf shirt, I mean. Not GOLD.

Rural Revival said...

You still remember the horses name! Wow.

I look forward to the days when I can read a book a day. 13 years, two months and 20 days, but who's counting?

Leslie said...

sounds like a great bunch of nothings to me.
Have a great week Deb.

the domestic fringe said...

Your girls are so sweet! Hey, what books did you read? A book a day - I'm totally impressed! The last three days have been sunshiny and warm here, but I saw that a friend posted snowflakes in Maine yesterday. Ahhh! I pray spring gets your way soon, very soon, like tomorrow!

L said...

you didn't show your blogger badge?! I'm so insulted.

Anonymous said...

Nothing? Sounds like a perfectly lived week to me. What mags did you get? I got the British edition of House Beautiful, Whole Living, and Style at Home. Sounds like your a bit of a magqueen Deb.

Deb said...

Steve-It's cold.

Magqueen-I got the British editions of House Beautiful, Homes and Gardens, and Country Homes and Interiors.

FringeGirl-The Hubby was not impressed.


Chania-Our husbands may be related.

the gardener's cottage said...

haha deb. that's exactly what larry says re mother's day. exactly.

awww daughter is expecting? have you already told us this b/c if you did, i missed it. congratulations granny.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

I like this post. It was full of nothing but so full!

It is cold ... I can empathise now with how cold it is over there.

Has your parcel arrived? No magazines unfortunately.

Hello Sassy. We all miss you.

Becky said...

Sounds like a Brain Dump ... and a good one! But cold. I think. I know water freezes at 0C so that is my point of reference.

Raine and Sage said...

We have a chocolate advert here in Australia for the Aero bar, and it claims "it's the bubbles of nothing, that make it really something". Just like your post, although less fattening.
I'm curious about Sassy, and what exciting baby news - congratulations!!

Linda said...

A baby bump! How exciting! THAT is definitely something to say!!

Deb said...

R&S- We have the fattening Aero bars here too.

Jayme said...

oh my! that was plenty to say! That cake - law - that cake is making me hurt.

Anna Bartlett said...

So much from so little - ha! There's always something to say, I say!
Were the books you read all that thick?

theoldboathouse said...

Oh those forget me nots looks so sweet and happy..I love the sound of awash, such a good word. I laughed when you said about the books. I find it best not to even start a book otherwise I get nothing done until it is finished. I have a large, always growing, pile waiting for "one day" ha. Very exciting about daughter 2 and daughter 1 sounds like a sweet heart and a "chip off the old block". Hope you have another lovely spring Canadian day, xx Katherine

Anonymous said...

A book a day?? You amaze me. I hope Sassy gets home from school with good grades.

the domestic fringe said...

You ok? You haven't blogged in a while. I'm not on your case, just concerned. Praying all is well! We miss you.

zigsma said...

I'd love to know which books you read?