Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mondays With Muttsie

 Every Monday, Grammie comes to play with me for the day.  Mummy and Daddy go to work so I get to have Grammie all to myself.

I always watch for her out the window.  I love all the cars on our street and always holler out 'Car!' when I see one.

When Grammie comes in I run to the door and give her a big hug and holler 'Hi!'  She gives me lots of kisses and hugs.

I like to play with this bear toy because I can run fast with it and it makes funny noise.

After a little while I decide I need a snack and get Grammie to open the pantry door so I can see what I want.

I like to cuddle with my doggy Bmer a lot.

Then it's time to play some more.  I like to play.

I also like to try on Grammie's funny shoes.  They're a little big on me though.

Time for lunch!  Hmm, I wonder what I'll have today.

I really like Grammie's baked beans.  I hope she brought me some!

After lunch I like to read a few books.  Before you know it, Grammie says it's time for a nap.  I run to the stairs and Grammie says 'You're a smart little muttsie'.  She's got all kinds of funny names for me.

I don't like to have a nap so Grammie rocks me and sings to me and I fall right asleep.

After my nap, I check out the window for cars again.  Soon Daddy comes home and I holler 'car car car!' and when he gets out of his car I holler 'hi hi hi'.

Then Grammie goes home. 

The end.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Looks like the best kind of day...such a cutie patootie!

elegancemaison said...

(My carefully composed comment has been swallowed by Blogger!)

He looks like a happy chappie and you are a lucky Grammie. But I bet you were glad to sit down with a glass of wine when you got home after such a busy day. ( Only envious because my darling grandchildren are too far away for babysitting...)Cx

Cheyenne said...

This, THIS, is what life is really all about.

My heart near melted at the sight of the dear boy asleep in his crib. He looks like a bundle of fun!

Makeminemidcentury said...

Sounds like you have a lovely day with that little man. He is just so beautiful. I can just imagine his little Canadian accent, and my heart melted at the mental image I have of your rocking him to sleep singing songs. I miss having someone small enough to do that to.xo

A Little Bit Sassy said...

Aw that is so sweet! He is so cute.

Patricia said...

What an adorable little guy, and you are a lucky Grammie to see him for a whole day. I have two grandsons in Canada, but unfortunately I am in Australia!

Laura said...

too cute!

Deanna Kohlhofer said...

I wish we could all have days like this!

An Urban Cottage said...

He is very cute and he's changed so much!

annie said...

Gorgeous boy! When did he grow so big?! Grammie seems to be a hit.
The shot by the window is so very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hello little one. Seems yesterday you were born. Could you do me a favor? Tell your grandma to blog a little more. And give her a kiss. You're a cutie.

Jeane M. said...

Mondays will never be the same again with that cute little one. Simply adorable. Got my eye on your next posts.

Blighty said...

What a gorgeous little chap! Lovely photos, particularly the one of him having his nap, so sweet. Your daughter is so lucky you can look after him all day for her. Hope all well with you, Happy Easter Blightyxx