Friday, December 30, 2011

You've Got Mail.

It's fun getting presents at Christmas time.  Pretty packages all tied up with ribbon.

It's really nice though to get packages from far away.  From people you've never met face to face but you feel like you've known them forever.

Packages with things in them like this:

Unexpected parcels  from other countries.

All the way from Italy!  Thank you Bobbi I haven't tasted them yet.

The greatest gift I have received through blogging though is making so many fantastic friends from all around the world.  My friends are the best gift ever! Thank you all for putting up with me on this blog and allowing me to share my life with you a little bit.  I hope we all have the best New Year ever in 2012.

p.s. Skype is a modern day miracle.


An Urban Cottage said...

Wow, wasn't that sweet. Are those tam tams I see?

Makeminemidcentury said...


I don't know why more bloggers don't skype? Maybe they do. Maybe they don't, thinking it'll destroy all the mystery?

Should we send Mr Urban Cottage Tim Tams next year?

annie said...

Looky there at that parcel. I'll bet I know who sent that. Are you going to weave some Pavlova Magic this very day? Please show us the results. Blog friendships are a bit special aren't they? You meet people in the funniest places! See you next

Sacha said...

Pavlova magic - now that sounds fab! ;-)
Hmmm - I haven't been skyping with any bloggy friends yet... best get my laptop gremlin sorted before I try though!

Deb said...

MMMC: I think we should send Mr Urban some Tim Tams. I like Skype.

Deb said...

Annie: We'll be Skyping you some day. Funny people in funny places.

Faye Henry said...

What a blesed girl you are today..
You must have been good this year.. grin..

Linda said...

Blogging friends are so great! Fun surprises! Wishing you a wonderful 2012, Deb!

Leslie said...

What wonderful gifts. Happy new year!!!!!! I have never skyped....too camera shy.

Becky said...

What a great surprise for you!

Happy New Year! I know this year will bring many many sweet new memories of being a Grandma. Gotta love the anticipation of that.

Raine and Sage said...

My sentiments exactly. Having met some of these friends in person, I don't think it spoils the mystery at all; as you're quite right that you feel you've known these people forever.
Happy New Year to you! x

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Deb, and a wonderful new year to you and your crew too!! I'm sorry I haven't read this on time, but my internet connection has been off.

Those Candies are my drug.I wanted to share my addiction.

And yes, blog friends are amazing.