Friday, October 26, 2012

Arc de Triomphe

I love Joni Mitchell don't you?

I was a free man in Paris
I felt unfettered and alive
Nobody calling me up for favours
No one's future to decide.

I loved the Arc de Triomphe.  Seriously.

I look so happy.
I never thought all that much about it until I saw all the history recorded there.  It honours all those who fought and died for France in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars.

Here's a view from the top.  I didn't go up on this one but Mr LC did.

Guess who's peeking over there.

I just love the architecture.  The white stone kills me.

My son-in-law's grandfather fought in the Resistance.  Then he married a German girl, had two kids, and moved to Canada.

It's much bigger than it looks.  It's such a busy spot, being in the center of a roundabout, traffic whizzing by constantly.

I would love to be free in Paris.



Razmataz said...

I've been watching House Hunters International lately and they have had many Paris apartments...OMG.beautiful. Last night they had one near the Eiffel tower for 6.6 million.....You can't recreate history so it is wonderful to be able to see it.

Rural Revival said...

Wow. Me too!

Janice said...

It looks like you are really having a lot of fun!

An Urban Cottage said...

Who's Joni Mitchell?

annie said...

I will come and be free in Paris with you with the warm wind in my hair when I get some! The Arch doesn't't seem as high till you see the views from the top. Magnifique, Deb!

Makeminemidcentury said...

Sigh. Paris. What a beautiful city. Imagine living there for a month or so? Living the Parisian life. I'd wear stripes and ride a bike with a baguette in the front basket.

the domestic fringe said...

Gorgeous. I'd love to go to Paris one day. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. Hope you get to visit again.


Patricia said...

Paris for me - anytime!

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Yay for Paris! How exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Never been in Paris. In France many times, but never so much up north.
did you come to Italy? I was waiting for you!!