Monday, December 13, 2010


Saturday  was spent in a frenzy of Christmas baking activity!  Daughter #1 was never interested in domestic persuits. Until three years ago when she got married.  Since then, she has come over to my kitchen and received cooking lessons from yours truly. The first year I remember showing her how to bake the things she wanted mostly by me doing the baking and she doing the heavy looking on.  As the years progressed,  she became more experienced and confident so this year she did it all herself!
I got to do the heavy looking on this year.  I was the helper and she was the boss.  I dipped peanut butter balls for her, kept a sharp eye on the oven, and did some important taste testing.
Behold the legendary raspberry tarts!  This was my mum's recipe and is #1's absolute favourite.  Mum called them Daffy Cupcakes.  Hmmm.  The tops are covered in icing so the uninformed gets a delicious surprise when they take that first bite.  Yum!

When #1 was just a young lass, she was very upset because one of our good friends polished off the tarts before she felt she had had enough of them herself.  One afternoon when the rest of us were out, #1 felt the need to replenish the tart supply.  Now this is a child who never baked an item before in her life.  She mixed up that recipe and rolled out the dough herself, and baked those tarts to perfection.  When I returned home they were the first thing I saw of course.  "Who made those tarts?" I exclaimed.  "I did" she proudly replied.  "You did not, was Grammy here?" I couldn't believe she had made them all by herself.  "So you can bake when you want to!"  I was so supportive.  I don't think she ever made them again by herself until she got married.  So there is a lesson to be learned.  Where there is a will, there is a way.
Happy Christmas baking!  What is your favourite Christmas sweet?


Anonymous said...

Deb, they look delicious! I would love if you shared the recipe...I'd really like to bake something different this year. Or is it a "secret" family recipe - :)

Good lessons, beautiful daughter and Happy Holidays ~

Anonymous said...

Well my family anxiously awaits the baking of my famous cut-out cookies. It was my grandmother's recipe and they melt in your mouth! You must be very proud of your daughter. It's great when they finally take an interest and want to do it themselves and give us a break...LOL!
Also, I just wanted to tell you how sweet you are to send the Domestic Fringe her very first pieces of red transferware:) She's a sweetie and so are you.


L said...

I'm so posting your hair photos now after that pic of me!!

the gardeners cottage said...

awww deb what a sweet post. your daughter is so beautiful and i love a woman who embraces the kitchen. good job.

the tarts look amazing and i bet they are made with lots of real creamy butter. you mentioned peanut butter balls and now i have to have some. thankyouverymuch.


An Urban Cottage said...

Those Daffy Cupcakes look amazing. Is that a pastry dough? Have you ever had/do you make butter tarts? My great aunt from Canada always used to bring them over when she visited. She actually called them vinegar tarts but that doesn't make them sound too good. I think they're either Canadian or English. They're one of my favorite things in the whole word. And your tarts reminded me of the butter tarts she used to make.

Enough about me; back to you. It's wonderful that one of your daughters wanted to carry on this tradition. (I'm not sure Sophie would do as good a job.) And how great that you can stand back and just enjoy them now.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Great post! Those Daffy Cupcakes look absolutely delicious! I'm laughing at the two versions of this baking fiesta on your mother/daughter blogs!

I love your mixer and those wonderfully long cooling trays.

I may make some gingerbread men today.

Lisa said...

Wow! They look great! I wish I could be there to taste them.

Deb said...

Sounds like a fun day to me...I love to, not so much! Those tarts look delish! ~Deb~

Anonymous said...

Those tarts look so perfect!

Last night I was up past midnight making cinnamon rolls. Instead of cookies, I am using pans of cinnamon rolls as gifts. But today, I'm making cookies. I made pumkin and thumbprint. I also want to make almond/cherry. I don't that's going to happen today though! I just better stop taste testing or else I'll gain 10 pounds this Christmas. I rationalize things, because I don't trust my own cooking. Somebody's gotta taste it to make sure I don't poison anyone with baking soda!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Yum! Did I say yum? I certainly meant it. I was a lot like #1 - absolutely NO interest, desire, or faint curiosity in cooking, baking, sewing, etc. but getting married sure changed all that. Now today, another teacher at school called me Betty Martha Stewart Crocker! Guess I got interested. #1 sure is a cutie!