Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

This afternoon we had the inaugural  family tree trimming party.  It was a little rowdy.

Obligatory broken ornament actioned by #1.
She's very cute but in various other ways she takes after her father.
Someone's playing with her camera instead of Getting to Work.

The annual Wearing of the Antlers by #2.
I have a lot of my parents' old glass ornaments.  They are tarnished and worn but I love them.

The whole tree is decorated with glass ornaments.  This is the only area where I follow the more is more mantra.

I love my crown.

I have tiny little lampshades to go over the lights.

The men always do the lights.
We enjoyed some munchies.  It was very strange how the boys concentrated more on the food than the tree trimming.

Behold the glory!

This pillow expresses my relief on getting the tree decorated.
 Then everyone went home.
Tout fini!


Linda said...

Looks like a fun day, Deb- now you can sit back and enjoy it!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

So much in this post that I love ... though I did see the trailer over on another blog so I feel like I've got a 3-D viewing of your tree trimming.

It looks so radiant! Your daughters are so pretty ... (the third one is a bit hirsute).

I love all your precious glass ornaments. Everything is so festive and Christmassy! Did you put the horse on, or is he a bit too blue?

An Urban Cottage said...

I guess you could say you're loyal to the crown!

I would be too! That's a beautiful ornament. I love the little lampshades too!

Great job! Love it!

Razmataz said...

That looks like fun. I couldn;t get mine together to do the tree this year!. Love the antlers. Guys are always more interested in food than most anything.

Queen of...Whatever said...

Picture perfect day

Rural Revival said...


the gardeners cottage said...

wow, you really do look rowdy!

esp the men untangling the lights.

the tree looks just like what a proper christmas tree should look like. just beautiful.


Becky said...

My goodness your tree is spectacular! I am of the similar persuasion that you can NEVER have too many ornaments on a tree. Lights either, for that matter. I love an overdone tree. The more the better. Yours is amazing and I love it. Merry Christmas!!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Your Christmas is quite lovely. I also believe that when it comes to the tree, more is more!!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is gorgeous!!!! I love it and I love that you have a little party to decorate it. I've never seen little lampshades for the lights, but that's awesome. I adore all those old glass ornaments.

annie said...

I love your final photo. That would make a most cockle warming Christmas card!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Your tree is so beautiful! I love how you turn it into a party! I only have glass ornaments on my main tree. (Ummm....I won't mention how many trees I do have - they haven't all gone up this year.)

Merry Christmas!

Honey said...

Your tree is ever so lovely. We have something in common besides our doggies....we broke an ornament this year to! Ugh...One of my favorites to!!
Your new blog design is beautiful!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Anna Bartlett said...

What a gorgeous tree Deb. I hope you had a lovely Christmas!