Thursday, December 2, 2010

Glitter Time.

Yesterday, for some reason I cannot fathom, I felt inclined to do a craft.  This seldom happens, maybe once or twice a year. 
These two just wanted to nap in front of a warm fire.
Lazy puppies!
It's been raining here for the last couple of days so please excuse the picture quality.

I've had these papier mache  houses for a long while and I decided that today was the day to do something with them.  So I painted them white.
Enter Martha:

I went to town with that glitter!

Can you see the sparkle?  I totally covered them  in glitter.

I put them on the dining room mantle because it is my peaceful spot.

Can you see the glitter?

I'd like to find some of those pastel bottle brush trees I've seen around blog land.  They might look nice with the sparkle mansions.  They look like they're made of sugar.

I used a whole bottle of glitter.  But do you know what?  I don't want them!  The first person who comes through my door and admires those houses is going to get an early Christmas gift!

On your mark, get set, go!  I'm going back to snooze with the dogs.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

So crafty, Mrs Cripps!

Did you use any glitter on those houses?

Razmataz said...

They are absolutely gorgeous. I must say, I love your fire place with the unique. What a great idea. It all looks so festive and pretty.

Honey said...

Those are so cute! I bought one at Hobby Lobby and still don't have the thing finished. If I wait long enough...Christmas will be over. :) Wish I were coming over to admire them...then I could have yours and I would not have to make mine. :)

An Urban Cottage said...

I smell a giveaway.

the gardeners cottage said...

hi deb,

i think you should give them to steve as a homage to the urban cottage renovation!


Becky said...

Well they sure do look cute on the mantle. A perfect Christmas decoration. You should string some white lights throughout and then that glitter would shimmer like the moonlight.

Anonymous said...

I think cottage row on your mantle is charming!

So, you went through all the work and now you don't want them...I hate when that happens!

Maybe an early gift for a friend or neighbor?

Karin said...

I love them!! They look perfect in white with the white glitter. Paper Tales used to have those houses but they are all gone now.....Andres took all the ones I had stashed to use at his train track!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I'm on my way right now! I'm not too late, am I? I think you did a great job and they are charming. Maybe because we don't have snow I really appreciate anything that looks like it might have been in the snow. :)

They look great on your mantel! Love them! And I love your writing. You always bring a smile or a chuckle! Have I told you lately how much I enjoy popping in here for a visit?

jen @ homeinthecountry said...

these are so so pretty! i might have to copy you! :)

Janice said...

Well I think they look fabulous Norma - lucky visitors!

Jen Kershner said...

I have been eye ballin those very same houses for quite some time! You did them justice Deb! Great job.

Taylor said...

I think they look great and would make a nice giveaway! Although shipping is always a bummer. :)

L said...

oh glitter, like mother like daughter I guess.
I'd take one if I had a place to put it.

Linda said...

So funny! They look wonderful~ I never know where to put anything I make either...your etsy shop? I'm sure someone you know would be happy to have them as a gift!

Felicity said...

They look lovely, it's a shame u don't want them as they look right at home! He he terrible pun! But they do look fab! Fliss xxx

Jemjoop said...

They look so regal on your gorgeous fireplace. I would be right over for these in a sec :O)

Merry Christmas

Lynn Richards said...

I'm coming over for a visit from Itsy-Bits-and-Pieces!
Your mantle is stunning. What a mess that glitter must have been, I think you are very brave! I saw those cute little trees at the hardware store yesterday(Lowe's)...they are gorgeous!

Rural Revival said...

Deb, How did you make these? Did you make the houses or assemble them? Did you paint them then use the Martha duo? Inquiring minds want to know. Is a trip to Michael's involved?

too Blessed to Stress said...

You are giving them away? Oh and they look so lovely on your mantle! well I hope they go to a lovely home :) I love how they ended up!

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

candyn said...

So pretty! Your mantle is magazine worthy in your photo. :0)