Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Ole Snow Days.

Over the last few days the temperatures have been freezing outside the LC.  We sit huddled around our fabulous fireplace insert in the kitchen.

Toasty warm we are at a balmy 21c  while it looks like this outside:

At -18c the deer run around our yard with wild abandon.

We have had a snow day twice in the last two weeks.  We're gearing up for another one tomorrow or Friday.
This is our house last winter after a heavy snowfall.

Now, snow days are great for kids who want a day off from school.  But for teacher's wives?  Not so much.
Make me some tea?  Ten times a day.
Will you make me some toast?  Five times a day.
Can you turn off the radio I'm trying to read.  ONCE a day.
Is there anything good to eat?  Six times a day.
Will you bake something nice?  I usually play deaf for this one.
What's wrong with my computer?  Thirty eleven times a day.
What's for lunch?
What's for supper?
What kind of yummy pie do we have for dessert?  Every.single. day.

Me: Is it bedtime yet?

Business note:  This is my second item put on an Etsy treasury.


Becky said...

I'm cracked up! You have that affect on me every time I come here for a visit. Quick! Hide! Here he comes again!

Make mine Mid-Century said...


Sounds like you have a school kid at home!

Hop on a deer and ride off into the wilderness and take your Viewmaster with you in case you get bored.

Janice said...

Oh Norma, you really made me laugh....

But the deer, how fantastic. Now that's what I call a view!

Bayside Rose said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You haven't been to my house have you? Sounds like a run down around here :) :). Just hilarious.

What a view from your window.

Pam x

aimee said...

today is windy, but the last three weeks has been in the 80s. it feels like summer. its hard for me to believe it is winter. i would love to have a little bit of your snow :) i know becareful what you wish for. it is just so beautiful. haw do you keep the snow from melting and flooding your house when it starts to melt? is that a dumb question ? enjoy your snow day. thank goodness you have stocked up on food!

An Urban Cottage said...

You're hysterical! You must make your husband laugh about a hundred times a day.

What's an etsy treasury?

Shabbygal said...

I hear ya on that one! My Mr.SN is home today and I think I have only wanted to run screaming about six times today! Not too bad! Traci

Razmataz said...


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I think my house must be bugged because it sounds just like what goes on over here. Too funny!!

Linda said...

LOL! Wow, the view out your window is wonderful!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

How awesome! Two items in an etsy treasury! You go girl! That fireplace looks so warm and cozy. Now I know how MY husband must feel when I'm home. I kinda' wish for a snow day though, just the same.

the gardeners cottage said...

hi deb, you are freaking so funny. my husband has worked out of our home for over TWENTY years now. beat that.


Anonymous said...

So funny! When my husband is home, I get nothing done. Seriously.

Congrats on Etsy!

Stay warm.

Rural Revival said...

I love having a fireplace in the kitchen. Bliss!

Having someone underfoot, not so bliss. : )


Anonymous said...

Being married is like having a small child all life; a child who demands to be treated like a grown up. Can't imagine life without it.
It's quite a compliment that he asks you what's wrong with his computer.
What a wonderful view you have there, and the house seems enormous! No wonder you have find so many treasures at home, Deb.

FabShabbyRoses said...

OMG this cracked me up! I don't think there is a wife on earth that hasn't had a day like this. And if she denies it, she's lying! HA! I just gotta tell ya I love your sense of humor! You're always making me laugh! I really love that poor kitty out the window too. Our poor kitty has gone to kitty heavan now but when she was alive and wanted to come in she'd climb up the screen on the sliding glass doors, about 4 feet above the porch floor and just hang there until someone saw her. Scared a lot of visitors I'll tell ya! Keep up the good work! Carolyn