Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Me at the Playground

When I was a little girl I received a playground for Christmas.  Complete with kids.  Wanna see?

There's a teeter totter.

Hold on, children!

There's a swing.  This kid looks kind of creepy.

Don't go too high!
This poor child has to play by himself.  I've had this toy for a very long time and I lost one poor child just a few years ago.
The set still works and I have the key to wind it up too.

The graphics on it are wonderful.

I wouldn't let my girls play with this when they were small.  They could now if they wanted to.

I've decided that these children are all boys because they have no shirts on.  They must live in Australia because it's summer there.

Okay, I've finished playing now.


An Urban Cottage said...

I've never seen anything like that before. Does it have a name on it or anything?

Razmataz said...

I love those old toys. My granny had a game called Bagatelle with little metal racehorses. I loved it.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Amazing! Have you got one of those display cabinets with the glass doors?

I'd be putting that cute little set in one of those ... I'm coming over to help you arrange things.

Don't get rid of that one! I'm stunned at how cute it is!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You certainly took excellent care of your things. It looks in pristine condition.

Becky said...

I love a good playdate. That is an adorable set. Dare I say vintage? Well, it's better than antique :)

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME! I can't believe you still have it and it's such perfect condition. That's really cool. Hey, I know you're getting rid of stuff. If you're selling it, make sure you get a lot of money. People go crazy for old toys.

I'm not sure you'd want to part with it, but I just don't want you to get cheated. ;-) After all, I've been watching Pickers, so I know this stuff now. (I couldn't even type that with a straight face.)

aimee said...

enjoy your day at the park! :)

theoldboathouse said...

Hey Deb, This is so cool. I love it, but maybe they need more play time..they do look a bit unhappy don't they. Still trying to find out more about my Canadian, so far I know this...his name is Russ, the kids think he is great and he sounds funny and they were very impressed with the pencil he gave them all that says Canada on the side with a large red maple leaf...the staff at the school think he is lovely...that's it...i am not a very good dectective or mother it seems..ha I hope to meet him and have a good chat next week, cheers Katherine

L said...

oh FringeGirl, I watch Pickers too! We should run our own picking business! Mum, I'll give you $20.00
paid $20
valued $200

ps. I don't remember ever seeing that toy before! The kids do look kinda creepy.

Linda said...

That's really a wonderful set, Deb...LOVE the great graphics and the little dolls, too!

annie said...

With spooky organ grinder music a la Stephen King, it could be creepy but with Doris Day singing Que Sera, I'm thinking this is a lovely bit of nostalgia. It reminds me of David Bromley's paintings which are also pretty and a lucrative salute to the graphics on these toys.

Anonymous said...

oh I remember I had something like this when I was a kid. I had a lot of toys made of metal too. I don't like modern toys they completly miss imagination, don't you think?