Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

I have nothing new or exciting to talk about.  So I will talk about nothing.

I started walking 2kms a day several weeks ago.  It used to take me an hour.  Now it takes me 45 minutes.

I compiled a Special Walking Tunes list on my IPod.  This is the only time I use said IPod.

I got a replacement pan for my bread maker.  Now when I make a loaf of bread, it will come out in one piece.  I am That Excited about this.

It is foggy and rainy here today but that is a good thing.  It will make the S*&! disappear faster.

I am not going to say the S*%? word again until next winter.

In less than three months my hubby will retire. sob.sigh.groan.

He is very excited about this.  Can you tell?

I have no comment on the above statement.  I know, Janet you have no sympathy for me.

My Doctor gave me the results of some blood work I had done a couple of weeks ago.  I am in perfect health.  He tells me "Whatever you're doing, keep on doing it." 
This is what I'm doing.



Anonymous said...

sounds like my life...at least you're baking and walking though. Hopefully life will be a little more exciting when the *@#* melts! I have no excuse.

Are you compiling a honey-do list for your hubby to keep him occupied? :)

Becky said...

This nothing post was pretty full. Some of that good news/bad news sort of thing. Glad you can bake that whole wheat bread to keep you healthy. And good job on the walking. I am starting back up today after a winter hiatus. And congrats to your husband ... well earned I am sure.

An Urban Cottage said...

Good for you for walking! I just bought a few pair of good walking shoes and I'm hoping to walk home from work a few days a week. It's about 3 1/2 miles. I was thinking I would take my camera and take a slighly different route each time and photograph something I found interesting just to make it a little more fun. I could start a Walking Wednesday series.

the gardeners cottage said...

hi deb,

you gotta love the pic of your husband. i mean he is so obviously thrilled about retirement. glad the walking and vegan thing is still working. do you feel better? i have nothing to say either re my life. i think i'm doing a post on laundry today. whoop.

the domestic fringe said...

You walking outside? Through all that s*~#??

Congrats on your clean bill of health! That's wonderful. Glad about your bread pan too. It looks yummy.

I won't say the S#^* word, but it's happening here as I type. I'm not so happy about it, but I am trying to be thankful anyway. Great post for nothing to say. ;-)

Rural Revival said...

I've been trying to walk too. It's been a long winter. Unfortunately my plans keep getting foiled by the #$%^, in fact it's coming down right now. Why???????

Sorry to hear about the retirement news. Perhaps you'll discover it's not as bad as you think. : )


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Could you and Mr Urban Cottage walk so far in the same direction that you meet in the middle? Are you close at all?

A Vegan Pyramid ... veges are great for you! Keep up the good work.

That was a unnothing post.

Anna Bartlett said...

For 'nothing', that was still quite entertaining! I'm jealous about the breadmaker, ours was dropped and broken. Farewell ever buying one again - we simply don't use it enough to justify a new purchase. Keep on eating those veges!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Is dawn a good excuse for not walking? The sun isn't up yet for when I would have to walk. Rats, I can't use s*&@ as an excuse. Okay - you have been a model blog citizen and you have convinced me to start walking every day. I'll keep you posted.

How long have you been vegan? What exactly does that mean? I have a vague idea, but if you came over for dinner I would not want to insult you, so what could make?

Linda said...

Wow you sound like you are really taking care of yourself! I need to get back on the treadmill again...you're inspiring me, Deb!

L said...

You've tapped into the genius of Seinfeld. Nothing is something!
Poor dad, you need to start using a better pic of him, lol.
What are some of the songs on your ipod?
I always have to have "Saturday Night" by wigfeld on my workout list.

Faye Henry said...

Congrats on your good health and your husband's retirement....smile..
Do you think walking will help him enjoy it or perhaps the homemade bread will be a treat when he gets back from walking...
Have a good week...

Anonymous said...

I love that you have a playlist and then you get excited about the breadmaker. And you walk, and you've become a vegan. And you have a fun husband a fun daughter and you write fun things.
Do you really exsist? Are you real?

Stephanie Berry said...

So now you should do a post on your "walking" playlist. Inquiring minds want to know how you get your groove on when you walk. I think I could only go vegan if I could put cheese all over that pyramid.