Monday, August 15, 2011

All by Myself.

I had a bit of a holiday last week.   Mr LC occasionally goes long haul trucking with his buddy to international locales and last week was one such trip.  Now as I have mentioned here when the hubby is away I get all revved up to do something to fix up the house.

Et voila!
 This little corner is where I hang my clothes.  Yes, folks a two hundred+ year old house does not contain many closets.  We have two upstairs, one that was already here and one my husband made in #1's room.  The one that was already here is in the hall and is full of Mr LC's winter clothes and the girls' castoffs that they cannot part with but don't want have room for in their own homes.  So I cleared out some things from the closet and squeezed hung my things in there and proceeded to remove the ugly wallpaper from that corner of the hall.
It came off amazingly easy, I was really surprised.  Just a light spritz of water and the paper pretty much peeled off in one layer.
Underneath the paper was this nasty pale pumpkin coloured paint.  It looks much better in the photo believe me.  So I dug out some of my go to Cloud White by Ben Moore and splashed that on the walls.
Forgive the photo quality, there's not much light in that corner. I need to do another coat of paint but I ran out and haven't been shopping yet.
This is the view looking out from the master bedroom.  Like I say, there's not a lot of light there and it's a cloudy day.  Anyway, I am so pleased with how easily the paper came off that I'm preparing myself to do the whole hall.  Isn't it funny how you get so used to something you don't even see it anymore?  That paper was horrible and it's all coming off!  And my clothes are staying in the hall closet. So there.  Do you have any places in your home that are kind of nasty or unfinished and you don't even notice it anymore?


Anonymous said...

Why yes, we have such a place. It's called our basement. Good job on the wall paper.

Deb said...

Our basement is more of a cellar. (shudder)

An Urban Cottage said...

That looks great! I actually don't mind stripping wallpaper. It's very meditative.

I'm really narrowing down the nasty places in my house. Just a few closets, a bathroom and the basement.

Nice job!

Rural Revival said...

Yep, but it would be easier to tell you about the places that aren't nasty or unfinished. And faster too.

Makeminemidcentury said...

No nasty places, because it's not my house so I don't care about it.

I like when you get all destructive and then restorative.

Deb said...

MMMC It's the restorative part that gets me. Lots of destruction and so little restoration!

the gardener's cottage said...

hi deb, good work! that is one thing i love when larry is out of town too. i usually take on a project of some sort. i don't know why i wait for him to leave to do these things. anyway i really should do a post on this too. but recently i wore my reading glasses whilst doing the dishes. i generally don't do that b/c walking in them makes me dizzy but anyway i did and was appalled by how filthy my sink, tiles and cabinets were. i had NO idea. i thought they were clean! well they are now but wow, were they ever nasty!

Linda said...

OH that is so funny, Deb...we ARE doing the same thing! LOL! You're right...great minds DO think alike! It was SO much fun ripping that paper down...I was in a great mood for days!

Anonymous said...

You know I love my productive time alone! My best projects get done when the hubbys away! :)

Enjoy your the new white closet but I really LOVE the door!!!

Have fun and get lots more done ~

Faye Henry said...

Good for you Deb.. I have many places especially here at the cottage that I just walk by and don't even think about.. I would get dizzy if I did.. grin..
I am still looking for you.. smile..
Blessings, friend..

camp and cottage living said...

No, nothing nasty. But definitely lots of clutter that needs cleared out!
It's amazing what a difference the paint job made in your closet. It looks so fresh and clean!

Becky said...

It looks so much cleaner and brighter,even without much light. Good job! Wallpaper can be a bear so you sure lucked out as you know.

And yes .. getting ready to move to a 2 bedroom apt and it is not my dream place to live. Planning on some really good updates and color-filling corners to happy up the place a little bit.

ANd missed you too. Glad to be back.

Raine and Sage said...

I sometimes get caught up in reno and life, and don't see my legs anymore; when really they are crying out for a razor and shave.
I like your white walls very much. Cats meow. Cats meow.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

My kids have all of the upstairs. Their bathroom hasn't been renovated in 25 years. It's time to get the lead out and do something, something on a budget though.