Sunday, February 5, 2012

Broken Item of the Week?

Mr LC has been sick with a chest cold the last few days so he decided to stay home from church this morning to 'rest' as he put it.  I soldiered out the door with -14C temperatures.

Mr LC mysweatshopworker was toiling away at the sewing machine this afternoon when disaster struck.  You guessed it, the sewing machine died.


Now what?  I had pillow orders to get filled.  Parcels to mail.  Good grief!  Then we both looked at each other and said  #1 has a new sewing machine! 

Daughter #1 had been gifted a new sewing machine by her devious loving parents just this past Christmas.  I called #1 to see if she would let us borrow the machine and she agreed.

Not quite exactly as shown unfortunately

Poor, ailing Mr LC jumped up off his chair and ran to get his coat and hat and was out that door in no time.  He has been itching to get his hands on that new machine since before Christmas.  When he brought it back home we discovered #1 hadn't even taken it out of the box yet.

Mr LC happily sat in front of that machine with instruction manual in one hand and magnifying glass in the other.  Look, they just print everything smaller and smaller nowadays.  There's nothing wrong with our eyesight.

It's been nearly four hours and he's still trying to figure the beast out.  Good thing he's magically feeling better.

Here's the link for that cute kitty photo here .


Makeminemidcentury said...

Glad to see Mr LC has pepped up! You need to get those orders out. Pronto.

Your re-enactments are always so spot on ... it's like being there.

My overlocker threads keep snapping. I keep bringing it back to the sewing machine store to get it rethreaded. Can you believe the sewing machine lady accused me of trying to rethread it myself and thus breaking it?! Truly. I was taken aback with offense. I never did such a thing. (I feel a bit better now).

the gardener's cottage said...

you 2 kill me.

the old boathouse said...

Comedy from tragedy... Anther classic LC adventure. You guys should compile a book . Good luck with the orders, I live your cushions xxx

the domestic fringe said...

Oh, no! Not the machine!!

I'm a little concerned for Mr. LC...the poor man has to pump out the pillows even when he's sick. There are labor laws in place to help him. Let him know that. ;-)

Seriously, sorry about your machine. That stinks. Lucky you bought good Christmas gifts. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sewing machine have an incredible timing. They just KNOW when to die. Of course is always when we need them most. And, I have a Necchi from 1948 with still works incredibly well, and instead my new one is always broken.

Laura said...

So glad I could be of service! Also glad that dad is going to set it up and get it working tick-it-ty boo for me:)

Anonymous said...

This one had me laughing to tears! Seriously, you two are a hoot!

There's so many funny things in this one post, I don't know where to start....ok, I didn't even notice the cat at first. After checking out the fabric, I looked more closely and saw the cat....I screamed and scared Chad out of his seat!

love it that Mr. LC miraculously feels better, #1 didn't even take it out of the box and after 4 hours, he's still a trooper. :)


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Glad you had a fill-in...not a great time to have your sewing machine bite the dust. Wish I could train my dogs to sew...

Sacha said...

Oh my God, you made me snort again - very sexy (NOT).

annie said...

Have you got Sophie and Emma on the job too? You run a tight ship. Will no. 1 get her machine back? She's busy anyway, right?

Sue said...

I laughed so hard at your reinactment photo that Reno-man ran in from doing the dishes to see what was so funny. (See? I have a sweat shop worker too :-)

BTW, when I went to the website to see if I could get a copy of that cat pic my computer just about had a seizure. Apparrantly the site has a virus? You may want to see if you caught it.

Good night, Olivia said...

I wonder if that counts as the broken item of the week?

And I just started to wonder why I never get an update on your posts. Well, I'm not a follower. I wonder how that happened. Now I am :)

An Urban Cottage said...

I'll bet that's the best gift you've ever given!

I was wondering who that cat was.