Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's All in the Telling.

Wednesday evening my husband watched a video.  A friend had sent him the link.  It was all about clean eating and nutrition.  The woman in the video is a doctor.  She has/had MS. She did a lot of research and came up with the Hunter/Gatherer diet.  Within a few weeks her symptoms had permanently disappeared. This is not a diet to lose weight but a lifestyle choice for better health. It's supposed to improve the brain function (mitochondria) significantly. 

From what I understand (which isn't much) we are to eat tons of fruit and vege plus grass fed meat. Just like in the old days when our settlers' diets were from their own gardens and farm or whatever they could find to pick and hunt.

Now about this time a year ago I decided to stop eating meat, the prime reason being I couldn't stand the look or taste of it anymore.  Mr LC agreed to do this with me at home if he could eat whatever he wanted when he was somewhere else at mealtime.

I remember explaining to him how much better we would feel with such a diet.  I would make green smoothies to get valuable minerals and vitamins.  Mr LC wouldn't drink them.  He would have a sip of mine and that was that. He grew tired of eating veggies all the time.  He missed his meat.

So because his BUDDY thinks it's a good idea now so does Mr. LC.  He came home today with bags of fresh produce. None of it was organic by the way, he forgot about that.  That's pretty much all we eat these days but whatever.

Now we're going to find organic tongue and brains and liver and every other organ meat known to man.

I hope you've all eaten before seeing this photo.

No way on earth am I eating or even cooking that stuff.

I've kind of lost the plot here, but how is it whenever I suggest something it's not really taken seriously?  When a buddy suggests something it's always the right thing to do.  Every.single.time.  Does your significant other do this?

I have to confess I've been eating some meat once in a while.  I found I didn't have enough energy without it.  For some reason the smell or taste doesn't bother me anymore either.


He brought home so much produce that I am at quite a loss as to what to do with it all.  There's no way we can eat all this before it spoils.  Does anyone have a recipe for squash salad?  Baked celery perhaps?

Carry on.


Makeminemidcentury said...

Offal disgusts me. The end.

Can you freeze vegetables?

Lisa said...

Ha Ha...funny. No my dh doesn't do that. He does want to try organ meat, but I refuse! Whenever we get our beef done, he wants to try the heart, liver and tongue. yeahhhh...riiight. I give it away before he tries it.

An Urban Cottage said...

That food pyramid seems like it's a little heavy on the meat compared to what the pilgrims, or colonists, or loyalists would have eaten...or is she talking earlier than that?

Also, no dairy?

Razmataz said...

Blah! Ugh.....yikes.....awful...I can't even look at it.

thedomesticfringe said...

You're so funny! I do not eat organs either. I do love meat, but not organs. We've been eating venison, and venison, and more venison. At least it's low fat and reasonably healthy. Do deer eat grass? I sure hope so.

I think your reformed way of eating is wonderful. I have realized that we need to eat better. More natural and fresher things. I hardly eat fruit, because I'm allergic to most fresh fruit. Unfortunately my bad no-fruit habits have rubbed off on my kids. My daughter eats much more than my son, but still, not enough. I need to reform our ways! Maybe Mr. LC's buddy can talk to my family. :-)

Good luck cooking those parts.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever really expressed my views on my own blog about this subject (I leave that to Janet) but since you asked.....:)
There's SO many good things you can make without the meat that will give you more energy . . .
vegetable stock, soup, veggie lasagna, carrot cake, squash fries, veggie stir fry, cole slaws, spaghetti sauce, salsa . . . all which can be frozen.
The biggest thing I've learned about changing my eating/cooking ways years ago is that it takes a whole lot of determination to get it right and to make it work for your own self.
I totally am with you on the buddy thing. I'm hoping one of Chad's buddies tells him that we should paint our woodwork!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have always hated meat, ever since I was a little girl. I became a vegetarian before I turned fifteen, almost 26 years ago. In the last years I have eaten mostly vegan. I never had the energy problem, but I know many new vegetarians experience that. I've been told it's because your body goes through some kind of shock and has to readjust and also because you loose so many toxins all at once so you body is doing an extra work. I think it's okay to eat meat once in a while, but I also thing the whole world should think about eating mostly vegetarian. It is so important for the planet and for ourselves.

Raine and Sage said...

I think meat and fish serve a valid part in our diet. I can't look at an eye ball, or any organ either.
Having worked in a Natural Health Care Centre for many years, I had the pleasure of meeting a few wonderful Naturopaths; and you know their opinion? Everything in moderation, including moderation. Some of the most unwell people I saw had gone too hard-core on the vegetarian diet. I think balance is key. This is only my opinion. So I guess I'm supporting Mr LC. Mind you I'm a hypocrite. I eat liver pate, but wouldn't go near it otherwise.
Good eating!

Raine and Sage said...

Wouldn't go near liver usually!

Raine and Sage said...

PS - I agree with Bobbi, in that I don't need to eat meat ALL the time, and I think to enjoy salads/vegetables as a meal without meat is also important. Again - balance.

Nancy said...

Funny post! My husband gets ideas like that, and starts a new diet based on veggies, etc. then eats nuts all day long, and wonders why the weight isn't dropping off.
Ive made a lot of vegetable soup with all those on hand...good luck.
We have increased our fish meals though

Faye Henry said...

Hi Deb,,, My husband loves liver and tonque and heart.. Not me..
He has to get it elsewhere because I just don't cook it..
I think that the colonists ate lots of rabbits, deer and such and really had to work to get fresh veggies.. In the winter everything was dried or salted.. Whatever..
Moderation in all things is probably the way to go..
I love veggies and not much meat.. Like you I think we need some protein for energy..

Just my opinion..
You could freeze the stuff and then forget about it.. grin..
Have a great weekend..

annie said...

OOOH! What about a nice offal salad or and Offal Surprise!? Ick! My Dad load to come home with little treats like this for himself which we would always leave a large empty space around in the fridge. My primary provider has been on a fish binge for two years now. If I never see another piece of salmon it will be too soon!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I'm with organ meats for me! I think stepping up the fruits and veggies sounds like a great idea! Do you do any grains? I never thought about grass-fed meats, although we do buy free range eggs...

hawknitr13 said...

this post is a 'HOOT'!!! (as one of my former students would say!) i remember my mom/dad fixing organ meats a couple of times when i was growing up. i didn't think they were too bad! we had a garden(in a small IOWA town) a block long/1/2 block wide with everything under the sun in it that grew weeds around them!! so i grew up on fruits/vegies, but we always ate a lot of meat too. now i could live w/o any meat, altho i love fish(& chicken). it's really hard preparing meals for a spouse who is diabetic and a picky eater! but i make him get his vegies in anyway! i put vegies in chili and lasagna all the time. has anyone every tried Bohemian blood sausage? now, that's a specialty!!

Shannon said...

"Paleo" eating is all the rage right now. Organs are disgusting. They filter impurities out of the can it be healthy to eat that?! What kind of squash do you have? If it's butternut or acorn, it will last forever in the fridge. I have a soup recipe for acorn squash if you are interested in that. It's a curry soup. Very good and warming.

Sacha said...

Oh dear. I'm a minority here I think. I'm THE omnivore and I love offal. Having said that - I also love making vegetarian meals, basically trying new things all the time, trying to get a lot of variation in.

Sue said...

Interesting take on the Feeding Your Mitochondria way of eating that your dear one has there, Deb! LOL

I ordered Dr. Wahls' book from Amazon after watching the same video. If we lived closer I'd share.

I'm having the same issue with eating meat. I've given it up mostly, and the thoughts of eating it every day are overwhelming. But, I do have MS and I'm willing to give this thing a try, I mean she doesn't say in the video HOW MUCH meat. Maybe a little serving will do the trick!

Anyway, if you're interested I think I'll do a book review on my blog...once I understand it...if I ever understand it. lol

Sue said...

Oh! I almost forgot. You can make juice with your produce. Just enough at a time that you'll consume right away. I did a 10 day juice fast last month and couldn't beleive how much produce I went through in 10 days. Email me!