Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Hands of Time

Ever since I can remember, I have loved old things.  Especially old things that came from long ago ancestors.  My grandmother had lots of old things handed down to her keeping and she knew the story of every one.  Since I was the only one of her several grandchildren who showed an interest in these items, I was the lucky recipient of many of them.  News of my interest spread to her brother's family and when my great uncle died I inherited this clock:

I was only a young twentysomething when I inherited the clock and I especially remembered my one of my uncles being royally annoyed that the clock had skipped right by his generation and given to me!

It sat neglected in my family's home for years until I got married.  Now, my husband loves antiques possibly more than I do and that clock was coming with us to our small apartment.

It was covered in a type of black varnish.  Every year folks brushed this stuff on their furniture for some reason.  My husband scraped it all off with a piece of glass.

The patina on the clock is beautiful.

The clock face was a grimy mess but my hubby cleaned it up so wonderfully.

Some of the trim work is missing from the clock but we have it.  When my hubby turned the clock around as he was working on  it, he found a piece of newsprint from a Scottish newspaper dated 1754!  Can you imagine hauling this clock with you all the way from Scotland?   I remember my grandmother telling me that when she was a little girl her grandfather stored some whiskey in it!  The clock still has all it's workings but unfortunately doesn't run.  I have a friend from Scotland and when I told her my maiden name she told me of the village my family came from.  Unbelievable!  This clock moved from Scotland to New York and ended up in this little corner of the world.  If antiques could only talk what a story they could tell.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely piece you have inherited. It doesn't matter that it doesn't work, it's still beautiful. My heritage is Scottish also!


L said...

I remember hiding inside this clock when sis & I would play hide and go seek. I also remember you finding me and telling me I was never allowed to hid in it again in case it fell over!

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely stunning - how truly lucky you are!
I love the history of it. It's so much more meaningful to have items that have been cherished in your family for so long.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! 1754 - that's incredible!! It's a truly beautiful clock and so nice that's it's more than just an antique, but part of your family.

By the way, your daughter's post cracked me up today. Loved it!


Linda said...

Deb, your clock is truly a beautiful treasure and to come from your family, is even more special!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a glorious treasure! How wonderful to have part of your family history living with you. It is just gorgeous. Now I have to ask - do you keep anything in the clock? :)

Deb said...

No, Sweet Bee, I do not! :)

Honey said...

What a lovely clock! I wish you lived close to my parents. They have a friend who is a clock maker/fixer. I am quite sure he could get your treasure running! I hope you are feeling better with your cold. Have a good evening! :)

Donatella said...

Just beautiful!!I would love to have a old clock!!new follower... glad to meet you! looking forward to knowing more of you...hope your having a great weekend!

ellie said...

it is a gorgeous its Patina and what a wonder how it ended up with you and came from Scotland.

my pictures of my garden are from last year..lots of those plants are overgrown and need a I hope to tackle that next weekend. Looks like rain here in So Cal today.

Jemjoop said...

Beautiful clock, and it looks so regal in that beautiful corner with your crock and the old door. Like a scene from a country cottage magazine :D