Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow and More

I just wanted to let you know that I made stew in this tonight:

She works just as well as she looks!
Moving on....
In one week from today I am going to visit this lady:

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Now in order to visit the Big Apple, I need one of these:

I know you are all dying to see my passport photo but really it looks like I'm dying in it.  I haven't had a new passport since I was seventeen.  Oh, all right, you can see my picture:

Wait for it......

Here she comes........

Guess what, because I haven't aged at all since this photo was taken, I didn't have to get a new one!
Now, gentle readers,  I need to know all of the things I should do whilst in New York.  You must know that the hubs is not coming with me,  just daughter #1 and her two sisters in law.  I can have a blast with the youngin's. No boys allowed.

Carry on.


Anonymous said...

How fun - it's a wonderfully fun place to visit. There's so much to do and see - you're going to have a great time-can't wait to hear all about it.
Be prepared to shop and eat!

Rural Revival said...

I wish I could tell you the best places to visit but that would mean I've actually been to NYC. Alas, I have not, not yet! Do have fun though and take lots of photos, so I can see what I'm missing!

And passport photos...nothing makes you look more like a criminal than your passport photo, wouldn't you say?!!


L said...

love that photo!
Can't wait to be a temporary New Yorker with you :)

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

New York is where I'd rather stay....I get allergic smelling hay! Have a GREAT TIME! Drop off that pot in Indiana while you are in our fair country. :-)

Anonymous said...

Take lots and lots of pictures to show us please!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

You are going to love it - uh - I'm guessing here because I've never been that far east. But I do read magazines and I have heard many times about a place called ABC Home - hope I got that right. Might be a fun place to go.

Umm - you will bring back pictures, please???

And you sure are cute in your picture! What a sweet face. (Like today of course!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, next week already? I love your passport photo! It's awesome. Looks like a very nice pot...glad you're enjoying it.

GardenofDaisies said...

Look how cute you are!! :-) Is that a Le Creuset dutch oven? I want a blue one! Have a great time in NY!

Liberty Biberty said...

Oooohhh!!! Lucky you!!
Liberty will be very excited to hear where you are going.

Becky said...

Oh I love your pot. Those are so nice. The family I work for has a set of them and I get to wash them all the time :)

I have never been to NY but I'd love to go. I would want to see a show on Broadway, and I would want to stand outside the NBC Studios and hope to get a glimpse of Matt Lauer and Ann Curry, my favorite stars on the TODAY Show.

Hmmm, NY cheesecake at about 10:30 at night would be fun. And a ride in the Subway to say that I've done it. I think just walking the streets of Manhattan would be an experience. People watching! Definitely. I hope you take lots of pictures and share your experience with us. And have a blast!!