Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It doesn't take much to get me in a frazzle, Gentle Readers.  Yesterday was such a day.  First off, I had to take Sophie to the vet.

Sophie does not like the vet.  Would you like your anal glands squeezed?  I think not.  She also had an ear infection.
That took up most of the morning along with some grocery shopping and a drive thru Tims for a timbit for Sophie and a smoothie for me.
On the way home, I realized it was election day in our province and I had to vote.  I did not have my form I was supposed to take with me in order to vote.  After a bit of a hassle show of ID they let me vote.

I felt a bit like Charlie Brown,  I always wonder if I checked off the wrong box by mistake.

I returned home and threw in a quick load of laundry, vacuumed the spare room upstairs (#1 is spending the night tonight), just settled down to do some book keeping work when the phone rang.  Hubby's sister in law was calling to dissect the wedding with me.  Her son was married on Saturday.

That conversation took about an hour.  I just sat down to work again when #1 called and I cannot even remember the conversation.
 I sat down to work again when the accounting program told me I need to register NOW.  Rats!!!  I called the toll free number and spoke to a nice young man from India.  May I say he had a thick accent?!  After harassing asking me to purchase additional software for about twenty minutes, he finally registered the account.

I just laid the phone down when it rang.  I jumped and screamed.  For some reason it startled the heck out of me.  No one was there.

Hubby came home and was working around outside so I didn't have to make tea or anything.  Then around five o'clock he hollered in to me that it was five o'clock.  I reluctantly got up to make supper.  I stared at the stove and it stared back.  I spied the McDonalds coupons on the counter.  I told hubby about my day.  I asked him if he wanted to go to McDonalds because we had coupons.  He said yes.  I was willing to eat at McDonlads so I wouldn't have to cook! 

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Remember I told you it was election day around here?  An elderly couple was sitting at the table next to us.  The gentleman asked what time the polls closed and I told him.  They conversed with us about politics for the next thirty minutes.  Good thing we were in agreement with them, they might have slashed our tires!

On the way home, hubby told me all about this new hearing aid he saw on the internet.  I asked him if he needed a hearing aid and he said, "WHAT?"   I give up.

Finally back home, I started in at the books again.  I only took a break to watch Quints by Surprise.  People get off the tv now.  Your marriage will fall apart and everyone will hate you.

At eleven p.m.  back to work I go.  I finally made myself stop at twelve thirty.  It is so peaceful at that time of night.  Who knew?!

 Then I went to bed and read this until 2 am.

Do you know you can buy used books on Amazon for one cent?!  Who knew?!!!!

And thus ended the Frazzily Day.


An Urban Cottage said...

I'll bet you still wouldn't trade yesterday with Sophie.

Becky said...

That's it! I no longer want to be just like you. I just want to have your sense of humor. Goodness! One step forward, two steps back. That was your day. I do love your advice to "Quints by Surprise" although I don't get that show here ... run for the hills and take all your kids. Or you'll end up dancing badly for the whole world to see.

There, I'm better now and I hope you are too.

Taylor said...

WOW! This post was too funny and I hate those sorts of days. So frustrating! Glad you got to dine at McDonald's instead of having to cook! Hope today goes better for you!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Your funniest, Deb! I'm laughing and laughing! I hate those kind of days too.

I might take the boys to the vet when they're being naughty.

Leslie said...

What? huh?? lol. Funny. How about the anal gland squeezer ~ been there done that ~ gross.

Have a great rest of the week.

Anonymous said...

I laughed through your day, especially when you jumped and screamed at the phone. I am sorry! I'm sure it wasn't as funny for you. Hope today is going better.