Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Whole Truth

Gentle Readers,
I know all you faithful readers remember my neverendingreno Studio.  I've been working in there a lot lately doing my new job.  I realized all the things left to do were things I was supposed to be doing: painting trim, door, and window.  Oops!  However, since I started my new little job, things have taken a turn for the worse in there.  To wit:

More evidence:

I can't even get near that back wall to paint it.

Notice how nicely my crafty things go with my work things.  That's a snazzy filing box cabinet on the chair!

My shelf thingy I bought at Michaels heavily discounted is nice and neat though.

The other end of the room is still calm and peaceful.

My comfy chair is still there.

A pretty pink chandelier overlooks the chaos.

I have a lovely mirror over there too.

I can gaze at my new mantra from my comfy chair too. sorry Winston. I got this for a song at my favourite store HomeSense.  Literally.  They gave it to me so I would stop singing.

Have you ever read those blogs that feature Where I Create?  They have to die for studios and craft rooms.  I think every once in a while we need to show the world where we really storestuff make things happen.

IF When I get this room prettied up I will show it to you in all it's glory.  However messy, it is still my little oasis of calm and privacy. No spouses allowed.  Unless I need a job done.

p.s. Is anyone else having trouble with spacing on blogger?


L said...

Oh how I love your ribbon shelf-thingy. It makes me sigh.

Anonymous said...

Your crafty thing on the wall is incredibly organized. Very, very nice. And you still have your neat chair space to relax in...that's saying a lot. The rest is a work in progress. ;-) I have a room like that too, except mine now has pipes coming through the floor. Eventually my washer and dryer will go live in my mess.

redeemed diva said...

DEb, I am starting to believe these people who are showcasing their to-die-for craft rooms work at IKEA and invent the space in their store and then take pictures to put on their blogs.
I salute someone who is honest enough to show me their cluttered desk.
You are a gem in a sea of cyber goo.

Linda said...

My studio area is nothing but a pile right now, as we needed another bedroom! Hopefully in the next week I will get a room again and then I will have no excuse for my disaster area LOL!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

I had some space problems last night. I was in-and-out of 'preview' trying to fix it ... and in the end gave up.

I can understand your workspace dilemma ... the key is adequate storage ie a cupboard you can shove it all in and shut the door. Child 2 likes your craft shelf. We think it looks very organised and pretty. Actually, the whole room is very pretty ... just lived in ... like my place.

My mantra is: "Lose the plot and start screaming".

An Urban Cottage said...

So you're just like the rest of us...except you don't hide all the crap under the bed before you take the pictures.

I'll bet you're the first person EVER to use "to wit:" in a blog. I've only seen it in legal documents.

Jemjoop said...

I love you even more for posting your mess. I absolutely love those tidy studio Etsy pictures. Very inspiring. But, unless they are actually Martha Stewart, you know the wall they didn't picture has a pile of crap just like ours.

Very comfy chair there and lovely chandelier!


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Ooooh! Lots of potential there AND it looks like mine! Only mine has little bits of mod podge all over the floor. Could we come up for a name for those bits of mod podge that stick to your fingers? Maybe mod podgle? Can you see the conversation, "Why Janelle has been crafting again." "How can you tell?" "I see bits of mod podgle on the floor."

Oh Deb, friend, I am up so late here because I HAVE to finish all my projects for the county fair for tomorrow! I think my brain is fried. So if after you read this you think this comment might be better off left in the delete box, please feel free! :)