Friday, September 10, 2010

Waste Not Want Not

I was reading a blog a few days ago when the writer remembered a family member who stored garbage in a freezer during the summer.  This brought me back to the days when we first moved to this area. There was a public dump.  "so what?" you may ask. saucy readers.  You could take anything to the dump.  It was a huge pit of every thing you could imagine.  Some of the far seeing residents of the area would leave their good junk stuff up on the edge for people to take if they so wished.  Great treasures were to be found there.

It was a happy place. sigh  Several years ago the Powers That Be decided that these dumps were a blot on the landscape, dangerous, attracted bears, unfriendly to the environment, etc.  and they just closed them down.  We were given these for our compost:

Then we were told our garbage would be picked up every two weeks alternating with the compost.  Gasp!  What were we to do with our smelly old garbage for two weeks? We are of hearty Loyalist Stock.  We know how to pick up and start all over again!  Some of the great minds in our community started using these to store their garbage in at the end of their driveway for all and sundry to see:

Freezers!  Doesn't everyone have an old used up rusty freezer just waiting to be reused and recycled?!

I mean really, what could be better?  It's raccoon and bear proof!

Here's one customized with a totally removable cover!

The lids are still up on a lot of them because garbage removal was just this Tuesday past!

For the less imaginative people who choose to come up with their own contraptions:

Very high tech, is it not?

So you want to see our garbage containment system you say?  Voila!

Yes, we like to live large at the LC.


L said...

you are too funny!
ps. my word verification was: swear

An Urban Cottage said...

I started putting trash in the freezer when I lived in an apartment and had nowhere to put trash outside. It really kept meat and veggie scraps from smelling until the once-a-week pickup. I'm now grown up with two trash cans of my own outside (mom is so proud!) but I can't help myself from putting certain things in the freezer until trash day. Maybe I should get an old freezer for my front porch!

ain't for city gals said...

I too remember the dump in a fond way...some of my best things came from there! I always said my taste is somewhere between the dump and Dillards. I never thought of it but if my garbae can was closer instead of a quarter of a mile from our house I would think the freezer would be a great idea ..

Leslie said...

lol.. that's great!!!!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Great post! Why do I miss so many posts?

We used to be taken to the dump ... but we'd get back in the car and return home, which I think disappointed my mother.

Freezers scare me ... like being buried alive.

Yours in securely locked white goods,