Monday, October 25, 2010

Better and Better

This week just keeps getting better and better!  It's only Monday, my bush is burning, I got a new follower, and I just got an email from Linda MacDonald.  She is a fellow Maritimer and she is also a contributing editor for Holiday with Matthew Mead and Flea Market Style magazines. I was chosen in a random draw for ordering the magazine.
 I just won a $50.00 gift card to Anthropolgie!!!!

Will it be in Canadian funds or American?

Will I have to go back to New York to shop there?
Will my gift card just cover the shipping?

I think I need some more drawer pulls like the one above, for example.

To go along with these ones I bought whilst in New York:

Photo by Moi

I sure hope my gift card works in Canada.


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Wow! That is awesome! Congratulations! You know, if you have any difficulty spending it I'll be happy to help you out with that! LOL So glad you won such a fun treat.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Fabulous week! I'd love to be able to pop off to New York! Lucky you.

So glad things are looking up! New follower - a person of exquisite taste, no doubt!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Holy moly what a week you are having! Hope it rubs off on me whilst I'm here. : -)

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!!! That's awesome. Enjoy your gift card. :-)

So happy for you!