Friday, October 15, 2010

Crafty Friday

Since it's pouring rain and not a great day for taking pictures, I decided to share with you a craft!  I saw this Martha Stewart kit many moons ago at Michaels.  I thought they were so pretty but the price was too much for my pocket book.

Some time after that, when I went back to the store, there was the kit, on sale!  I bought the it, went home and made some pom poms.

Aren't they pretty? I only made two and mine were pink.  Then I saw them on blogs all over the internet.  They were shown in nurseries, little girls' bedrooms and wedding decor.

Since I had none of these things going on, they sat around for months.  This past August I was invited to a wedding shower.  Since I'm by nature a procrastinator, I waited until the last minute to wrap the shower gift.  Not being able to find enough ribbon in my neat and tidy Studio, I put a tissue pom pom on top of the gift.

Hubby chortled when he saw it.  "That flower is bigger than the box"  Hmph.  I carried on.  I picked up #1 to take to the shower with me.  She chortled too!  I carried on.  Upon arriving at said wedding shower, every single person there loved my tissue flower!  Everyone wanted to know how I made it!

So that is my handy dandy craft for today.  Now, I just have one more pom pom to get rid of.  Anyone having a wedding or baby shower?  Anyone?  Please?



elegancemaison said...

Beautiful indeed but Martha is not the originator. We taught our primary pupils how to make these as student teachers in the late 1960s! We, so English, made roses rather than dahlias. I have even used coloured bathroom tissue ( 'loo paper') Sssshh - don't tell!

Anonymous said...

I'll have another wedding shower if it will help you use your other pom-pom. I could really use some new towels anyway! And, maybe a few new dishes. ;-) he, he...

I love your pom-pom!

GardenofDaisies said...

LOVE it!!!! It's perfect for topping a gift! Martha always has the best crafts!!! These remind me so much of when I was a kid, and they had these huge tissue paper flower for sale at the airport. (back in the dark ages, when passengers were still allowed to take as many things on the plane as they wanted.)

Leslie said...

It is awesome!!!! men just don't get it! lol.
Martha rocks.
Have a happy dry day.

Jane said...

so how DO you make them?? is it the same way we made "kleenex flowers" way back folding then up accordian style,tying in the middle and pulling out the layers toward the center?? inquiring minds want to know!

Deb said...

Jane, exactly the same way!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

I always miss your posts ... I think it must be a 'timing' thing.

I think that's a great pom-pom. Presents always need ribbon or some kind of flounce (that's according to my Martha). You should make heaps more ... maybe for your Christmas tree?

Good work, crafty woman from Canada!

Jemjoop said...

Beautiful! Pretty as a picture and it wouldn't have as much impact on a bigger box.