Sunday, November 21, 2010


When hubby and I were first married we lived a four hour drive from our in-laws and out-laws.  We moved back to our home province for a job opportunity only.  Hubby decreed that if we had to move back home he was going to have a horse.  That meant living near family, his and mine. His parents spent their summers in a cottage on the bay.  This seemed to be the congregating spot for siblings and spouses and children Every.Single.Sunday. Did I tell you he had seven brothers and sisters?  And tons of nieces and nephews?  They pretty much all made an appearance at the cottage every weekend. It was a family free for all!

  Hubbies parent's health declined and the cottage life ended.  His family is not especially close so with the end of the cottage each family pretty much went their own way.  Family get togethers were few and far between.

   As the years flew by, his sisters began making a special effort to get the family together at Christmas.  This was great, I could endure an evening with the fam once a year.

   This past year brought a lot of changes due to sickness and other things, so Sis decided to get together more often.  As in a lot.  Today was the latest pot luck lunch Sunday.  In the car I remarked to hubby I felt like we were going to a tribal council meeting and I wondered who was going to be voted off.  Would it be grouchy, irritable brother or gasp, me because I took some ginger ale?  Sis is very health conscious.  Hubby was totally shocked at my reluctance to attend yet another tribal council get together but he had to laugh when I talked about getting voted off.

Now my daughter and her cousin are planning a huge Christmas party with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousins' children because we don't get together enough. !!!  I want to get voted off. Please.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Oh, you extrovert Deb! I hope your relatives don't read your blog!

Though this'd be the way to get voted off! Though you'd probably find the immunity necklace in your slice of lasagne.

And is that a photo of the last meal? It looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Deb, you almost had me in tears with the last sentence! I feel the same way...please think of me on Thanksgiving day...I will be devising an escape from the minute I wake up. :)

Family is a blessing but I can only handle so much!

the domestic fringe said...

You're so funny! I wish my family would get together more. We did all the time when I was a kid, but now people have moved and people in my family hold weird grudges. Half the time I can't keep track of who is not talking to who. Drives me crazy!

Looks like you had good food anyway. ;-) Hope Christmas is great for you. And I hope you get to drink lots of ginger-ale.

the gardeners cottage said...

hi deb,

i think we, the holiday impaired, should all get together and come up with a master list of excuses of why we can't participate. really good excuses that real people will believe. you in?


Cheyenne said...

Oh, I hear ya! Sometimes it's just so exhausting...I'm just too tired and want to crawl under the covers. I have to remember though-we are so lucky we can get together...there are families who would love to go back in time after the loss of loved ones and probably would have as many get together's as they can.

You are a great writer!

Felicity said...

i feel like that when we start to drive north to my in laws they all think im zanny and rather than sit at home and do crafts i should be shopping or at the gym or more modern things, i just let the comments wash over me! fliss xxx

L said...

I'm telling cousin K that you want to host the Christmas party!!