Monday, November 8, 2010

This Weekend had Seven Days

You know how usually the weekend always seems to speed right by?  Well, this weekend at the LC couldn't get over quickly enough for me!  It has rained nonstop since Thursday evening here.  I mean Noah's Ark type rain.   Friday began with will I or won't I make banana muffins because those bananas sure needed to be used up.  I just kept waiting for the power to go out as soon as I put them in the oven.  The power did not go out!  Behold the muffins:

Here is a gratuitous shot of the ingredients for the amusement of my international readers.  Note the bilingual labeling.
I try to be somewhat educational here for you readers.

Friday evening we braved the wind and rain to head out to our local eatery for dinner.  Upon arriving home, I checked the phone and saw that #2 had called.  I called her to see what was up. She told me that earlier in the day on her way to work her car hydroplaned.  She hit her head very hard on the drivers side window.  Upon arriving at work, when she explained what happened her boss insisted she go to emergency at the local hospital to make sure she was okay.  So her husband picked her up and off they went.  She had a concussion!  The Dr. thought it was a mild to moderate one and told her to go home and do nothing for a day or two.  Also, she was told not to go to sleep until bed time. As soon as she got home she wanted to sleep and her hubby had to torment her to keep her awake all evening.
Then hubby's sister called to remind me of a potluck lunch she was having on Sunday that I totally forgot about.  Hubby suggested I make a chocolate cake with boiled icing for it so I did.
Behold the cake in all it's glory.  The only trouble was that we had to eat it. Right then and there.  So we did.
So that was Saturday pretty much accounted for.  Saturday night we had to set our clocks back an hour for daylight savings time.  I actually remembered to do it.

The pot luck lunch was slated for 1:15 pm.  When we got out of church we realized we were not going to have time to go home and look after the puppies.  We carried on.  Upon driving to said sister's house I remarked how late all the churches seemed to be getting out that day.  Then it hit me.  The clock in  the car had not been changed and now we were an hour early for lunch.  We made a u turn and went to Tims because we didn't have time to go all the way home.
I ordered a smoothie with yogurt and of course they were out of yogurt.  Do you see a pattern developing here people? We arrived on time for lunch and partook of the festivities.  After we had been there for some time I looked at the clock on the stove and told hubby we better get home and let those poor dogs out.  Away we went.  Upon returning home I realized sis-in-law did not set her clock back either so we could have stayed a while longer. 
Now comes the horrible bad part. Hubby went to the barn to check on his horse.  Hubby kept Sassy in the barn for most of the weekend because of all the rain.  She does not like to be in the barn.  At all.  Ever.  So she decided it was time to vacate the barn.  She made a run for it.  She ran.  She ran all the way up our driveway and out to the road.  She ran up and down the road.  She ran to the neighbour's field next door.  Hubby came in and yelled to me to take the car and block the driveway with it.  Might I remind you it was pouring rain this whole time?!  Hubby finally caught her and motioned me down the driveway.  I started to drive down the driveway.  He put his hand up in the universally acknowledged stop signal.

He then beckoned me to come.  Keep in mind he had Sassy's bridle in one hand.  I came.  He put up his hand again to stop.  I stopped.  He beckoned me to come.  I came. He stopped.  Good grief!  What did he want me to do?  Turns out he wanted me to walk down the driveway.  In the pouring rain.  Hmph.  He then wanted me to go in the barn and get some oats to entice Sassy.  I then suggested he put her in the pasture to prevent any more naughty behaviour from Sassy.  He agreed and into the pasture she went.

By the time we dried off, it was supper time.  I was in no mood to cook.  Hubby had hotdogs and I had chocolate cake.  We spent an amusing evening watching a BBC documentary on the merchant marine ships and all the sinkings of them by the German U boats in the Second World War.
Comes time for bed and hubby decides to put Sassy in the barn for the night because it is still pouring rain and we figured Noah was due to arrive anytime now and pick up Sassy.  I begged hubby not to put her in.  What if she ran off again?  In the pouring rain?  In the pitch dark?  He said he would call the police and report a wild horse on the road and we didn't know who it belonged to.
Sassy was tucked into her stall with no further incident.  I don't understand why would a man want to put himself through that?  Pouring rain, crazy horses, why would you want the aggravation?  Hubby says he's going to get a rifle for next time. ( He's kidding people.)  Seriously.  I think.

This was taken when Sassy was in a better mood. So was the weather.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

So much in this post ... where to start?

She's a beautiful horse. Haven't you got your hands full with everything? Now I know why I don't have a horse.

I like your ingredients and the bilinguisticalness ... that's an Australian word.

Your poor daughter! Concussion! That's awful ... thank goodness she didn't have more serious injuries. Aqua-planing ... you learn how to handle that in police school. Not that I'd know.

And did you cover that cake in snow? You need a weekend to recover from your weekend.

Yours in having nothing more to say,

Linda said...

What a weekend!! I hope your daughter is getting better!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Oh my! Hope daughter is okay now. So glad her boss insisted she go to the hospital. Maybe tomorrow you'll wake up and it will be Friday all over again. One can only hope.

We have a very short week this week. Veteran's Day on Thursday and Friday is a furlough day in my school district. Next weekend really will be 7 days long - okay not really, but it will feel like it!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! No wonder you were ready for the weekend to be over!! You did have a terrible weekend but I'm glad your daughter wasn't seriously injured and that Sassy is okay. Whew, I think you need a do over!


Janet said...

A rather tedious and worrisome weekend, but any weekend that includes a cake that looks like that can't be all bad. Now that I've seen that beauty I won't settle for anything that's here in my house - oh yum!!!
Are we in for 40 days and 40 nights - seems so!

An Urban Cottage said...

Thank god you had a chocolate cake to get you through all that! Hope #2 is doing well. That's a little--lot bit scary.

Anonymous said...

You certainly had a FULL weekend! I was SO thankful for the extra hour, and yes, I spent it sleeping. Felt good. We had a church potluck Sunday, but I cheated with my food...shhhh, don't tell.

Anyway, is your daughter ok now?

That chocolate caked with the boiled icing looks Ah-Mazing. Will you share the recipe for that baby?

It's raining here today. :-( Started as ice-pellets and now it's rain. YUCK.
Keep warm!

Anonymous said...

I recently started to read your blog and have to say I am really enjoying it. :)

Your weekend sounds like mine. Had lots of jobs to get done outside before we have snow but the rain changed my plans. Since I didn't want to completely waste a day, I painted the back entry/porch in my house... from light taupe to Glazed Green (Benjamin Moore)... what a great colour... now for the rest of the house. haha :)

The chocolate cake with boiled icing sounds yummy. Once you're had boiled icing, it's hard to eat anything else.
Care to share your recipe?

Take care.

Summerside PE

Deb said...

Eunice, thanks for visiting my blog! Email me your address and I'll pass on your request.

Shann said...

Sure hope your daughter is better! And, the horse running away was terrible as well! And the rain! UGH! You did have a not-so-fun weekend, didn't you? Hope this week is going well for you. If not, I suggest making another one of those lovely cakes. Cake ALWAYS helps. :)

Rural Revival said...

Oh my goodness! One of those weekends you never wish had started. Too bad we can't do them over!

Hope your daughter is feeling okay.

PS. I have to say it's really cool to see a photo of someone's ingredients and actually recognize the labels! Neato! : )

Razmataz said...

I hate the time change. It takes me ages to get used to it.

You have a gorgeous horse.! Where is she going? You mentioned someone was coming to pick her up?