Thursday, February 24, 2011

He Said She Said

The fuel company that delivers the oil for our furnace called today.  The gentlemen on the other end of the line informed me that the driver couldn't get down our driveway because it was too slippery.  Aghast, I took my trusty camera with me and went out to investigate.

This is the top of our driveway looking out to the road.

The top of the driveway looking towards the house.

Long view.


I don't know what that driver was talking about.



An Urban Cottage said...

Maybe you're supposed to have your oil delivered in the summertime. What's wrong with you?

L said...

I'd call back and say that if you can do it in your little car with out 4-wheel drive, they can make it.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

That oil delivery/non-delivery man needs to watch an episode of 'Ice Road Truckers'.

Whenever it's broadcast we watch it and it spurs us on to bigger and greater achievements in life. We have yet to find the need to drive large trucks over frozen bodies of water, but we're mentally ready.

Give me that man's number. I'll speak to him.

annie said...

Can we house swap for a week because my kids would have joy squirting from every pore if they could play in your slippery driveway and roll in your long view. You could lie in the hammock, swim a few laps and cultivate some sun damaged pores right here. Now can somebody toss me 7 airfares?

Deb said...

Annie, believe me I'd swap in a minute right about now. I can't even afford one air fare!

zigsma said...

Wow - your place is lovely! I'm coming to visit!!

Deb said...

Annie and zigsma, you are welcome any time! Just hide Carmel in your trunk.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...what should do? Use heat lamps?? Good luck. I hope you get your oil soon. It's been slightly more than Fah-REE-Zing! 12 inches of fresh snow is predicted for us tomorrow. Can you tell how happy I am?

Good news - I got my computer back! Yippee. :-)

Lisa said...

My husband delivers oil for a living. He thinks you're driver is a wimp. From the pictures he thinks it looks fine.

Mind you, he said it might be different if he was there. But from what he's seen peaking over my shoulder he said, "No Prob Bob!"

Maybe change oil company.

Honestly, some truck drivers need lessons in driving. At work the new drivers will park in front of the store, come in and say "where am I supposed to deliver this load."

I, in my infinite wisdom will say, "Out back"

What? I'm supposed to drive back there?

Yup! Everyone else does.

Do I have to back in?


Well how am I going to turn around?

You'll find a way.

Then they give me a nasty look and go and try it. Low and behold! It's not a problem! Listening to a woman! Who would have thunk it?!!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Oh dear! I hope you will be able to stay warm! Snuggle up!

theoldboathouse said...

Look where you live!! It is sooo Wonderful I am soo jealous ha. Have a wonderful weekend, cheers Katherine

Anonymous said...

Our house are both pretty secluded! But I don't live on top of a hill, and I have the opposite problem with the oil company: they just won't stay off my tank.The other problem is that they come to refill it at 5 in the morning and the wake up the cats and me. This big truck in the middle of nowhere with the loud motor running, I always think there is an earthquake...

Linda said...

LOL! I guess our puny little driveway isn't so bad! Sure is beautiful where you live!

emily wierenga said...

wow. i read on shannan's guest post that you're a fellow canadian, and i can see from these pictures that you definitely are. our driveway has looked similar this winter. so glad to 'meet' you friend... hoping the fuel truck makes it to you soon.

Anna Bartlett said...

I think you live in a Christmas Card! Honestly, I looked and thought 'that would be really hard to drive up'... but then again, I live in Queensland and have never even heard of an 'oil man' before now! Lovely to see where you live. My kids will jump into Annie's kid's bags. See you soon!