Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

Just kidding folks.  But I do have a problem.  We have a flat screen television.  In our living room.  I'm looking for something to put it on  and I've found some great flat panel tv stands

Here's a nice one:

Or this one:

How have you folks solved your tv dilemma?  Let me know.  I need help.  Fast.


Anonymous said...

I need the same help! Since my husband "HAD" to get a flat screen, I was forced to sell my beautiful armoire where I could close the big black hole I try to hide it behind big plants but that's not working. and it brings about a comment or two every night. :)

Can't wait to hear what everyone else is doing!

You don't think we're just going to have to "live with it" do my husband says.

Elegancemaison said...

What about this wall mounted arrangement courtesy of Ikea hackers - a brilliant website. Check it out.

(We are sticking with our fat screen until forced to change by the digital thingy in 2012.)

L said...

I thought you were going to wall-mount it?

An Urban Cottage said...

It's funny you should do this post. I've omitted all photos of my flat screen in the living room. I have a modern cart on industrial wheels. I've been looking for something that seems appropriate and I quite like the piece in your first photo. The second one feels a little mission to me. I found something on Sunday at an antique store and I'm altering it for my TV. It's really unique and little crazy. But it's a BIG secret for now. The blogarazzi are on the prowl.

Raine and Sage said...

Sorry I'm no help, mine is on a coffee table. However, in the future I plan on putting mine on the wall and having a wall of built-in bookshelves around it.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

I can't help really. The top one's nice and would suit your house, do you think?

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Actually, I've been thinking about your tv stand dilemma ... I have a lot of spare time on my hands.

It's important that your stand match your decor ... I don't think you want your TV to be so prominent in your loungeroom that it dominates everything ... thus, I think the tv stand you choose should be something that matches your other furniture.

You'll want something lovely to suit your Loyalist Cottage.

Keep me posted on what you choose! I'd love to see it. I still prefer the one at the top ... maybe because the tv's smaller. Sorry, I'm waffling.

Jemjoop said...

Yep, we have wall-hung flat screen syndrome here too. But I do love that idea of bookshelves around it.

Anna Bartlett said...

I have one word for problems like these - ikea. Not particularly creative, and I'm not sure it's your thing... I'm not even sure if you live near an ikea. We have one TV on a balinese style cabinet, that we bought 7 years ago and I wouldn't want today, and the other on an ikea setup. Fun, fun.

shamanaccount said...

The second photo looks really appealing and elegant. I think it would be great for your tv.

the gardeners cottage said...

hi deb,

ok we have a flat screen and it's in our armoire. is that not allowed? i don't like the way tv's looka and we barely turn the thing on so i want it hidden. and i usually get what i want. ha.


Stephanie Berry said...

We went with a long low console when we got a flat screen. The dvd player fits in a middle shelf with drawers below for dvds. I miss the old "entertainment center" that was high enough to put things out of reach of little fingers. Those both look good.