Monday, February 21, 2011

International Cuisine

She is international.  She is not cuisine.  But I could eat her.

I digress.  I journeyed through the snow and the wind tonight on an errand of mercy for my husband.  I needed to pick up a prescription for him at the local drugstore.  More importantly,  look at what I found when I arrived:

Tim Tams!  To the uninitiated, these are cookies from Australia.  My good friend MMMC mentioned these once in a blog post and being the observant gal that I am I remembered!  Why can I not remember important things like doctor's appointments and regular showers?  I like to support my friends so I felt it was important to purchase them.  The Official Taste Tester of the Loyalist Cottage deemed them Yummy!

In local news:

I don't know if any of you folks use a bread maker to make your bread.  I do.  It's pretty hard to mess up a loaf of bread made this way.  However:

This is what I got today.  It's not even browned.  What a mess!  It doesn't taste too badly though.  The Official Taste Tester declared it edible.  Of course, he'd eat almost anything. 


Make mine Mid-Century said...

'In local news' ... Ha. You make me laugh. Why? I don't know, you just do.

Oh, I'm not saying anything about that bread.

Now the Tim Tams ... if you can get your hands on the milk chocolate ones, they're much nicer. Maybe I'll send you some. Were they at the chemist?

That little lass is a cutie ... I hope you didn't show her the bread! She'd have nightmares.

Bayside Rose said...

Hi Deb, Hope you looked at the small print to make sure the Tim Tams are Australian made and not imposters. I understand there are plenty of those around. - Just want to ensure you have the real deal.

Maybe we should send you some Aussie bread too!!

Pam x

Becky said...

Grab a spoon, she looks delicious. Slap her on a piece of that wonky loaf of bread and wash her down with a bit of chocolate. Call it dinner.

Linda said...

Such a cute little girl! And the bread...must be the solar flares LOL!

Faye Henry said...

If you are hungry I am sure it would be
Sweet little girl...
Take care..

annie said...

My mother-in-law calls Tim-Tams her anti-depressants so maybe you can get them from the chemist. They give me head aches just to look at them because they are so sweet! I so want to comment on your hilarious bread..('the Bread that Ate Paris', 'the Bread from the Black Lagoon') but fear it might offend, so I shall refrain.

Anonymous said...

Your going to love tim tams. I was totally hooked on them the year I spent in Oz.

Taylor said...

I got a bread machine for my wedding and have been to afraid to use it. Thus, it sits.
10 years.

Deb said...

Annie, it would be very hard to offend me!

Maggie, you were in Australia for a year? I am so jealous.

Taylor, use it. Most of the time, it's great.

Deb said...

Linda, I believe it is the solar flares. First I lose my blog, now this!

Anonymous said...

tim tam looks addictive.
Bread looks like it's from another planet. But don't worry it's not that hard, give it a second or third try. I rarely buy bread now, I always make it myself, it's relaxing! and it's fun to experiment: I made a potato and pumpkin bread last week and it was delicious.
The kid is cute, who is she?

L said...

I had a loaf turn out that way in my breadmaker once. I must have selected the wrong setting. I threw it over the cliff for the birds to find,lol.
I made rolls yesterday and they turned out divinely, if I do say so myself. I coated the top with butter, salt, garlic powder, and parmesean cheese. Soo good.

Rural Revival said...

Oh dear. Yes, I do use a bread maker and that image of your loaf is bringing back memories...quickly...oh yes, that's right. Something about forgetting to add the yeast. Details. Minor details!