Friday, July 16, 2010

A Dog's Life

Last weekend we hosted another puppy sleepover.  This time it was a different member of Sophie's progeny.  His name is Oreo.

He is the big bruiser that hubby is holding on the right.  The mother of all these rascals is Sophie.  Hubby has her on the left.  Daughter #2 is holding her dog Bmer on the left and our Emma on the right.  These dogs come from the three litters that Sophie had.  Do you notice how small mummy Sophie is?  She is tinier than all her babies.  How did this come to be?  How do doggy mummies lose all their extra puppy weight at birth?  It just fell off the minute those puppies arrived.  I submit that this is unfair animal kingdom behaviour.  Human mothers have a lifetime of child maintenance and deserve to be fat free and beautiful for all their sacrifice.

Moving on.  This was Oreo's first sleepover with us and his first visit in a very long time.  He was very sad the first night and sat by the door.  The next day he decided we were okay and picked me to follow around and be sooky with.  Then I found this was going on behind my back:

Oreo is the biggest sook you will ever meet.  When his mummy and daddy returned after four nights, he promptly turned his back on us and all our lovin's.  He was a happy boy!


An Urban Cottage said...

Okay. My English is pretty good but I just had to look up "sooky." That must be from Ye Olde Loyalist Terms. We Patriots don't have that word in your dictionaries. ;)

Sophie may be small but looking from a canine perspective, she's pretty H-O-T! And you'll have to add the bit about the doggie baby weight as another chapter in your book. That's really funny!

L said...

too cute

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww.... I'm a sucker for doggie photos!! Too precious!


Anonymous said...

You wouldn't want to let my dog sleepover too, would you???

If I lost baby weight like your mommy dog, I'd have a few more kids!

jen @ homeinthecountry said...

Looks like you had fun... looks like your husband had even more fun! :)

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Very cute! Especially how they're all related. How lovely for them all to see each other.

Creamy White said...

How lovely, Deb! I'm just planing to take our dogs to visit their mom soon.
It looks you guys really enjoyed them all!
Have a wonderful and warm weekend!

Linda said...

I just love this post! What a cute bunch (the humans, too, LOL)~ looks like a fun time!!

Leslie said...

oh my goodness.. that is just too sweet!!!
Hope you are having fun at the sleepover too!!!

Honey said...

Aren't Shih Tzu's just the sweetest doggies? :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute pups!