Friday, July 30, 2010

Show and Tell

A short while ago I entered a giveaway on the blog Painting the Roses White and I actually won! ME!  I never win anything.  Ask Pioneer Woman.  Anyway, this is what I won:

Here is #1 modeling it for me:

So pretty and Rebecca makes them herself.  Of course my mother guilt kicked in and I gave the hair accessory to #1.  She loves these things and wears them a lot.  Much to her husband's chagrin. Thanks Rebecca!

In other news, remember the huge branch that fell on our lawn a while back?  A long while back?  Well the hubby got out the sawsall (sp?)  yesterday and chopped her up for firewood.

Yeah, I don't think that is going to do us for the winter but do you see those tarps in the background?  There are a few cords of wood there so I think we'll make it.  Does anyone like to stack wood?  Come on over. Please. I'm begging.

I showed you a photo of some of my hydrangea the other day.  Here you can see why I said our other horses used to eat them:

Good girl Sassy.

I inherited this rose from my mother's garden.  It is named after the founder of the Women's Instiute, Adelaide Hoodless. My mum was a member of this  venerable society of women.  Hands up if you know what the WI is. I'll even send you a prize of you can recite the Mary Stewart Collect and name the movie made from a true story from the WI. And no,Googling does not count.
Alas, I failed to capture a photo of the rose in its full glory.  This rose is not hardy for our climate so I baby it dreadfully and hope it comes back again every spring.  So far, so good.

It's been a slow week at the LC.  The heat and humidity are still bad, so we really just stay indoors, read a lot, and sleep.  It's a hard life, I know.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

That hydrangea bush is incredible. I still can't get over white hydrangeas!

I've found roses to be very hardy, but very tricky to get perfect. I gave up in the end ... but yours has a nice story behind it, which I hope you will explain for us.

You get in big trouble if you cut down trees here in surburban Brisbane. It's like a police state in that area. I like the look of that big tree and can imagine a crackling fire, right now!

Do horses chase rats, do you think?

Jessica said...

That feather hair piece looks beautiful on your daughter! I have a couple myself...Rebecca is my big sister :)


Rebecca said...

Deb the hairpiece looks great on your beautiful daughter!! I'm so so glad you won and that it arrived safely! And I am so jealous of that huge hydrangea bush!! Apparently it's very hard to grow them where I live do to the freezing winters... But I'm still going to try planting one just in case lol:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful rose! Congrats on winning the hair piece. It's really cute and looks great on your daughter. You're a good mum!

candyn said...

Yay! How fun to win a blog contest, and the prize looks great on your daughter. :0)

I admire people who know about the different kinds of roses. I love them, but have little knowledge. We have a couple different bushes in our yard, and they must be hearty ones because I wouldn't even know how to baby them if they needed it!

metrainor said...

The movie Calendar Girls was based upon a true WI group in England.

Just discovered your blog this morning and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.