Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Running on Empty

Gentle readers, it must be the heat and humidity, but I've nothing today.  I just wilt in this kind of weather.  So, I guess it will  be a random post.

We picked up our new mattress today.  Comfy!  Our old one was only 30 years old.  We bought it second hand from my cousin 29 years ago.  She only had it for a year and then got divorced so she said it didn't get much use.  hmm....

I made potato salad for supper.  Nearly gave my hubby a heart attack.  He loves it and I never make it.

Strawberry season is well underway here.  I always make freezer jam but this year I have no freezer.  What to do?

Thankfully, hubby has not started his summer work list so I have been doing lots of light reading.  The local dollar store is selling used books for $3.50. Score!

Our big tree branch that fell is still in the same place. Hasn't moved. Nope.

I will leave you with a pic of a pretty bouquet that daughter #2 gave me a few weeks ago.

My peonies are finished.  I miss them.
  Hope you're having an exciting week.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Peonies are my favourite flowers. I still smart when I remember the florist for my wedding telling me that they were out of season here in February.

I brighten up when I think of potato salad. Delicious! And you had hot dogs the other night! Yum.

Becky said...

I am doing a random post tomorrow too. Sometimes there is just so much you need to dump it out.

Lovely flowers. And great deal on the books.

Your mattress story made me laugh. We replaced ours when it was 22 years old. I was new when we got married but still ... way overdue.

Have a great COOL week.

Anonymous said...

I think you two well deserve a new mattress! I'm sure it will give you lots of great restful nights. It must be the heat, because like you, I just wilt. I only step outside if I have to. I'm a wimp in the humidity and I admit it. It makes me so sleepy!


redeemed diva said...

Keep being random. Score! I haven't heard that in forever!

L said...

how is the new mattress? was it the bestest and comfyiest* sleep ever?

Jen Kershner said...

Yes, I do think it was time for a new mattress! Love your bouquet. I miss my flowers at my old house and especially my peonies and hydrangeas.