Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Weekend I...

Watched this with hubby for date night:

My hubby has a crush on Sandy.

Met daughter #2 at Costco and spent too much money.

Had sleepover with #1's doggy Lucy:

Sweltered in the heat on Saturday.

Did not sleep at all Saturday night:

Sweltered in the heat again on Sunday.

Went to supper with #1 and her hubby Sunday evening:

They dressed for the weather.

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Make mine Mid-Century said...

It must be hot over there!

aimee said...

it was a hot weekend here too! friday went to an estate sale, lunch at costco, developed pics while there, michales for frames, home, went to antique mall and had a sandwich in the cafe. saturday another estate sale (lots of great stuff), lunch, home, watched a movie with husband, made dinner, movie, then bed. sunday went to church, lunch, got truck detailed, target, home, cleaned, made dinner, had my daughter over for dinner, cleaned, now movie and visiting blogs! wow what a weekend. arent you glad you asked. are you still awake or did i put you to sleep? lol! that was a cute movie with sandy

Becky said...

We have had the worst heat here too. Seems like it is pretty popular these days. Well maybe not as popular as it is common. Ugh.

Nice weekend though ... except for the not sleeping part. I have had a hard time the last couple of weeks too. You'd think I'd be exhausted during the day but I haven't been.

So ... have a great week. And I have a crush on Sandy too :) Love her!!

Leslie said...

sounds like a fun, laid back , very hot weekend! I like the weekend posts.. gonna do one too!

Anonymous said...

It has been hot, hasn't it? Did you like the movie??

Jessica said...

I love your weekend re-caps. How did you like the Proposal? I have a major crush on Ryan.

Jessica @

Elaine said...