Monday, February 15, 2010

Just Shoot Me Tuesday

I borrowed my daughter's camera on the weekend to try out because I'm planning on buying a new camera for myself. The old Kodak Easy Share just ain't doing it for me anymore.
Everyone's blog has such gorgeous pictures. Mine does not. My husband couldn't understand why our camera wasn't doing it for me. When he saw these photos he immediately understood.
Anyway, I'm still practicing and I want to know from you, Dear Reader, what kind of camera you own.
By the way I received these beautiful tulips for Valentines Day. The man is definitely a keeper!


candyn said...

Oh, I love the orange picture! Perfect for winter walls in a room that needs a splash of warmth.

I use a Panasonic Lumix 10 megapixal, which is sort of expensive (to me) for a point and shoot camera. I really like it and it does what I bought it for well, so I am glad I bought it. Good points: travels easily in a pocket, ready in an instant, don't have to fiddle too much with it to get decent shots, easy enough for the whole family to use.

But I admit, for the price I could have probably bought something a bit more complex with a better lens, though I would have sacrificed the ease of use and portability that I love with my current camera. I think it takes decent pictures, but when I compare the shots with my last camera, they don't have the same amount of depth.

I'd recommend my camera if you want one you can throw in your purse but still has fun features and takes decent pictures. But if you don't mind a larger camera and a little higher learning curve, I'd use the money toward something fancier.

Anonymous said...

I love your pics. I too have a kodak and I've had it. Nikon D-90 is what I'm shooting for. Hope you get what you want.

L said...

The picture of the oranges is fabulous! Good job.
I have a lovely little cannon...which I would reccomend, over some seccond hand one anyway...

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Your pictures are so gorgeous. I'm still using my Kodak Easy Share because it takes the best close-ups. But oh you have me dreaming! What is your daughter's camera?

Hey! I got tulips for Valentine's Day too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful flowers!

I use a Cannon Rebel and the lens that came with it. I love it so much - it's easy to take photos with, and the photos turn out better than they did with my point and shoot.

PS thanks for the sweet comment on my bloggy blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
I use a Canon Shot A530 digital, don't know too much about it but it doesn't take too back of pics, someday though I want the big one like my daughter has!!


Deb said...

Thanks guys! My daughter's is a fugifilm finepix SI500. It's not too complicated to use.