Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sleepover

This weekend my little grandson stayed with us as his mummy and daddy attended a wedding out of town.  Oh what fun we had!

Our little girls couldn't wait for him to go arrive.

The girls got anxious and decided to wait for him outside.  let us in!

Sophie, don't you remember when he was your little baby?

I'm trying my best to forget that, Mummy.

 Emma, you're his half sister don't you love him?  No, I just liked stealing his baby bed.

 Now, he's a big boy and he loves to play with the girls. Whether they like it or not.

 Bmer you're here!  Let the fun begin.  The girls are always a bit shy and standoffish at first but they gradually warm up to him.  Pretty soon they're all rolling around wrestling with each other.  But then it happens.  Remember when  you were a kid, if there were three kids around, one always got left out?  Same with doggies.  One dog was always interrupting the other two having fun.

Okay, puppies, it's bedtime.  Let's all go out and do our duty before we hit the hay sheets!

Hey, whaddya mean I can't sleep with Emma and Bmer?  We have learned from previous sleepovers that Daddy and Sophie have to sleep in a separate room because she and Bmer will wrestle all.night.long.  After numerous configurations and substitutions we have learned that Emma and Bmer have to sleep with Mummy because Emma will not put up with any shennanigans or tomfoolery.  Except this time, Mummy forgot to feed Bmer before he went to bed. who knew? And she spent the longest time trying to settle him down before the lightbulb went off and she remembered to feed him.  Ahh, sleep at last!

Until 6:30am when sharp little ears hear Daddy in the other room.  I open the door and let them at him.  Then I promptly go back to sleep.

Bmer keeps looking for his mummy and daddy.  Oh, happy day, here they are!

All is right with the world.  Emma and Sophie are exhausted and sleep all day Sunday. Thank goodness that's over with, they're thinking.  But guess what, daughter #1's doggy is coming over next weekend!  I'm sure grandchildren will be easier, won't they?


Taylor said...

Lots of pups in your family! They are pretty cute!

Linda said...

What cute dogs! I'll be they were SO fun!

Anonymous said...

Cute post! Sounds like a fun weekend for all. Glad you got to spend time with the 'grand baby'! ;-)

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Ahhhhh - cute! Lovely little grandpuppy!

An Urban Cottage said...

Very cute kids!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

So cute! They do look like they were anticipating his arrival at the door!