Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Break

I decided that today I would give you a break from all of my bori  exciting NYC adventures and give you a peek at my garden.  We do have spring around here, we are not always a frozen tundra.  Case in point:

 Gratuitous artsy photo above.

We have forget me nots everywhere in the spring.  I love them.

Everything's coming right along.
I'm sure everyone's tulips are long gone, but ours are just blooming now.  As are the yucky adorable dandelions.
My rhododendron is in full bore:

So pretty. Don't you wish they lasted all summer?

Our little pond.  I love to hear the fountain, it's so peaceful.  I've seen photos of some of your gardens and I am green with envy, they are so gorgeous.  It would probably help mine if I worked in it once in a while.  That sums up my picture show for today gentle readers.  Carry on.


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Oh your garden looks so lovely. It reminds me of what mine looked like a few short weeks ago. Now it's starting to look a little bedraggled. I'm so glad you shared these with us!

Linda said...

Your garden is beautiful, Deb~ I just love the forget-me-nots! I need to plant new tulips and daffodils next fall- they look SO beautiful in your garden- rabbits have pretty much taken care of mine...

Canadian Cottage said...

Hi Deb
I LOVE your garden, it is very pretty. Our garden is so new that it looks really sparse, but my Mom keeps telling me to give it a few years and it will fill in. My favourite flower in your pictures are the forget me nots. But that rhododendron is gorgeous too! Have a great week

Anonymous said...

Your garden is lovely! I have always wanted one . . . maybe someday! :)

Honey said...

I love the forget me nots and the tulips. So pretty!! I always assumed that Canada was much colder than here in the US. Thanks for setting me straight! :) Although, Michigan is pretty darn chilly...more so than Illinois where I came from. We had a hard freeze yesterday morning and this morning as I type this rain, rain, rain. Spring....gotta love it. ;) Have a lovely day Deb!

Liberty Biberty said...

Ooooh, your garden looks gorgeous Deb!
So pretty!

Rural Revival said...

Deb, A beautiful garden indeed, thanks for sharing and brightening this cold, damp day in Ontario! : )


Becky said...

Beautiful! I love your garden and all your sweet flowers. That artsy photo is great!

I am so glad you shared because you are right ... our dafodils are done. I am hoping I can find some lilacs around here but so far it is all roses (wonderful!) and peonies (stunning!).

Anonymous said...

Your garden is gorgeous! Maybe you can give us a few lessons on gardening...I'm just trying to keep one strawberry plant alive.