Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Times Squared

We stayed right in Times Square for the first night.  I totally loved it.

Look FringeGirl a picture of the M&M sign just for you!

I loved all the huge signs. You could hear tons of languages being spoken by fellow tourists.
It was especially great at night when the lights just popped with brilliant colour.

There were police everywhere, even on horseback.  Er, cleanup on aisle three please. We stayed out so late here.  I couldn't believe it.

She doesn't look too excited does she!

I am so photogenic.



Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Oh I missed your I'm back post - so glad you are back home and enjoyed your trip. It sounds like you had a marvelous time! I can't wait to hear more. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

You ladies ladies look beautiful and you look like you're having fun!

Thanks for the M&M sign. I love me some M&M's!!!


Becky said...

You had such a great time. I love the look of Times Square. Never been. Would love to go. And the M & M sign is great. I'd hang one of those in my living room :)