Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday #2!

Today is my younger daughter's birthday.

I have no photos of her as a baby because they were absconded by daughter #1.  I don't know why she thinks she is entitled to all of them.  So here is a picture of #2 dressed up as a princess!

How cute is that!

She used to have really long hair.

Now she does not.

Oops, that was last year.

Here she is wearing braces.  You cannot tell ?  She has not one picture of those braces showing.

I have not one picture to show you of her teenage years.  Or her university years.  I am not worthy to be called her mother.  I have few pictures of my daughters. Oh, the shame.  Daughter #2 doesn't like for me to show her picture on my blog for all and sundry to see.  She has an Important Job with a Big Multi National Company and fears for her employment.  

Can anyone tell me why this has started centering and won't stop?

Back to the point:  Happy Birthday Skinny Minnie,  I love you lots.


I put her with #1 so you won't know who she is.

p.s. giveaway winner on previous post!


Rural Revival said...

Happy Birthday #2..whichever one you are. ; )

aimee said...

happy birthday!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday #2! Your daughters are lovely!

Taylor said...

Happy Birthday #2! Beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday #2!!! I hope you enjoyed your special day and have a wonderful year to come.


Becky said...

Happy Birthday #2. You are so lovely! (And that goes for the other one too :)

L said...

I resent the implication that I have "absconded" with #1's baby photos. I have done no such thing.

Deb said...

Hey L, you ARE #1!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Happy Belated Birthday Skinny Minnie! Hope it was fabulous but how could it be otherwise with that totally awseome mom of yours! :)