Monday, June 28, 2010

This Weekend I...

Went on date with my husband at the regular time.

Spent Saturday as the horse widow.

Read "A Dry Spell" by Susie Moloney from start to finish. see above

Went to church and wore a dress.

Went to a barbecue on the beach.

Watched Tears of the Sun.

What did you do this weekend?  Link up with The Keys to the Cottage and share.


Becky said...

I bet you turned a few heads with THAT dress :)

And at least your man's love is a four legged critter. That is a relief.

Have a great week, Deb.

Madeleine said...

Did you give yourself a headache that would kill a horse by reading a book to quickly?


Beth Zimmerman said...

I'd turn more than a few heads if I wore a dress like that to my church! Even the pastor wears jeans and sandals! :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you do your weekend recaps! One of these Mondays I'm going to do one and link up too. I can just never remember these things on Monday morning. :-)


Jacci said...

I've enjoyed reading through your blog tonight, Deb! :) Where have I been?! I read several of your archive posts - my favorite was the tights/leggings guest post. If you check out my comment there you'll see why :)