Thursday, June 10, 2010

There's a New Girl in Town

Last fall, after over twenty years, my husband found himself without a horse.  He reasoned that it was a good thing because he was getting too old, they aggravated his asthma, etc.  Fast forward to April, when I was away on my Trip of a Lifetime to New York, my dear hubby acquired her:

Yes, gentle readers, meet Sassy.

Notice the glorious ray of light beaming upon her head.  My hubby took these pictures.  Now I am the horse widow again. 

Sassy likes to eat. A lot.  At least we have that in common.


Rural Revival said...

There are worse things to be usurped by; I'm a lawn tractor widow. It's not even pretty but Sassy sure is!


Becky said...

Well she is just beautious. I bet you will spoil her as much as he will. See there ... you go out of town and he goes out to get himself a little filly.

Creamy White said...

Welcome, Sassy!!! Deb, she is so beautiful!
My dad was a Vet and his specialilty was horses! I grew up in a farm and I admire them so much. They are loyal, inteligent, real friends!!!!
Your Sassy is gorgeous!
Have a lovely weekend! And let her eat as much as she can, right? It's green and healthy stuff!
LI :-)

Anonymous said...

Well Deb, I'm lovin the name:)

Linda said...

Oh...I love her! I'm thinking you like her, too...LOL!

Patti said...

She is gorgeous! She kinda looks like my Jeffy, whom I gave up last month because of finances and my fibromyalgia! I miss him so much! Enjoy her!