Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Summer Job

Today is the last day of work for my husband. He is a teacher and has two months off every summer.  Tomorrow is the first day of work for me.  For two months every summer I work and then have from the first of September until the end of June off.
My husband does not like to be idle.  He does not like me to be idle either.

Here is our summer list of things to do:

Shingle the back of the house.
Stain the back of  the house.
Install tongue and groove boards on our bathroom ceiling.
Finish trim work in bathroom and neverendingreno Studio.
Remove wallpaper from living room. Have walls skim coated. Paint said walls. Note: this room has been decluttered since this photo was taken.  Am very happy.
Reinstall heating pipe from furnace to #2's bedroom.   don't ask.
Repair chimney.
Install front walk.
Major tree trimming.

Phew!  I'm tuckered out just writing this.  Pray for me.

Over and out.


Linda said... does sound like a lot of work...I can understand...

aimee said...

i will pray for you! that is some list! you are a hard worker .

Make mine Mid-Century said...


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

OH - now I know how my husband must feel. Summer is project time! Just wish it wasn't so doggone HOT! Summer is also when I get my closets reorganized and files properly filed etc., etc.

Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish! Do you actually get it all done? I tend to write down all my dreams of what I want to accomplish, but usually only a few of them actually get done.

Enjoy your summer!

Becky said...

"...over and out..." you are funny. I hope you will surface on occasion to let us in on the progress. He's a slave-driver!

L said...

You're taking down the wallpaper in the living room?! what colour are you going to paint it?

Oh, and do you have a box full of my shoes anywhere?

Deb said...

Oh my, you are going to be busy!!! Can't wait to see some of your completed projects though, especially the tongue and groove ceiling in the bathroom.

Honey said...

Oh my goodness! That is some list!! Especially with that taking down the wallpaper task. That is one task I can not stand in the least!!! I will pray for you most certainly. ;)

Leslie said...

That is quite a list... but the payoff will be great!