Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are You Scared Yet?

I mentioned in my weekend update that I had watched the television program on TLC about hoarding.  This show causes me to have panic attacks, but I just Cannot. Look. Away.  We filled up a truck load of stuff:

This is the back of our half ton truck.  Hubby had to make space in our storage shed for hay.  This shed is about the size of a single car garage.

This is what remains:

These are just a few things lounging around outside the shed after the clean out.

Inside the shed now:

Yes, Gentle readers, this is after hubby cleaned it  out.

Do you see what I have to deal with here?

This is stuff that is hanging off the rafters for pete's sake!  There is a doll carriage up there from when I was five years old!!  I could cheerfully get rid of it all, but I have a daughter who has no room for anything at her apartment and a husband who has a very hard time parting with stuff.  My daughter has pack rat tendencies but she comes by it honestly. My mum kept everything and so did my dad. Hubby always told me to get rid of stuff but not to let him see what I was giving away or throwing out because he always said what he didn't see he wouldn't miss.

Daughter #1 happened by before we could dispose of the evidence.  She took things off the truck and admonished me not to try to get rid of her things again!

When we have gotten rid of things before, we usually just put them out at the end of our driveway and without fail, people take everything.  One day my hubby was coming home from work and someone was picking through the offerings.  He told my husband we had the best junk ever.  Who knew?

I think I need to go out to the shed under cover of darkness and abscond with a few truck loads of valuables junk.  If you see anything in those pics that you cannot live without, just let me know.  I'll leave it at the end of the driveway for you.


Anonymous said...

You know seriously as I do love to go junkin, I have to be careful not to get too much stuff at once. I always clear out when I've gone junkin cuz it just overwhelms me. I just packaged up a bunch of stuff and shipped it off to a friend for her house. I am a pitcher, husband is a saver.


Felicity said...

oh who knows what treasures you may have hidden! your dolls pram looks so sweet you should get it out and potter about with it! we are trying like mad to get rid of stuff! my husband came in yesterday with a pile of plates some from the 30s saying can he throw them away, i nearly died! it took me ages of searching to find them! men eh! fliss xxxx

L said...

by all means turf the baby carriage and that disgusting old toy vacuum but DO NOT get rid of my Chanel unit, the twin bed frame, or my boxes. Where is the black trunk full of my stuff from Grammies? It was in the house, please tell me it's still safe??

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Oh, shouldn't you keep the baby pram thing? Or sell it?

Gosh, that's a lot of stuff ... looks neatly piled though.

Sometimes you have to be ruthless.

Deb said...

L, you're going to have a scuffle with MakeMMC. She thinks I should keep the carriage. Don't worry, everything is present and accounted for!

Linda said...

Everytime I watch that show I want to clean house, too...I guess it's good for me... LOL!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

After I watched that show the other day I took a ton of stuff to the consignment shop, put Baby Bee's outgrown clothes up for sale on ebay, and donated another ton of stuff to Am Vets. But you know you're still okay if you can walk in. The show I saw the guy was saying now you have to step on top of this package this way and then do it this way on the next package...... You're okay!

Anonymous said...

So funny! Have you ever seen the show Pickers? It's on the History Channel. Anyway, they pick sheds and barns like yours all the time. Maybe you should call them. ;-)

The Hoarders show really freaks me out. I cannot wrap my little mind around it.


candyn said...

Ha! This post so spoke to me! I love it. After the holidays last year I had been store all of the junk from the rest of our rooms in my art room so the rest of the house could look all holiday fresh. Then after the holidays we threw the decorations in there too. I happened to catch a couple hoarders episodes online during that time while I sat in that room surrounded by piles of junk and had a mini breakdown. I've spent from then until now sorting, sorting, sorting... lol. Never ending it feels. But every little bit does help, right?

Deb, I tagged you for some awards on my blog. It is a head nod to how much I love reading your blog, but don't feel obligated to play along or anything. ;0)

annie said...

That's a seriously big shed you've got there! I think a lot of people would love the goodies in your shed. You could have a picker's party where everyone brings an empty box and a plate of party food and they can only leave when their box is full. You could send all your treasures out into the world like Charlotte's babies in Charlotte's Web. Do I spy old Fisher Price!