Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Big Flea part 2

When I planned on going to the big flea I decided I wasn't going to buy anything.  I had been sorting and purging all week so I didn't want to have a relapse.  I didn't do too badly I think.
  Here are my junky treasures:

Loyalist Lady and Gentleman lamp.  $15.00  Best price $12.00.  Daughter #1 bargained for her first purchase and I was so impressed that I tried it too. ( I don't usually do that) Score!

My favourite aunt had a lamp like this and as a little girl I thought is was the utmost in Style.  It makes me feel good to look at it and remember my aunt.

I love transfer ware and this was a real score at $6.00.  I thought they would be nice at Thanksgiving.

I didn't argue the price on these.  I collect Meakin and they are dishwasher safe so this was a double score.

My hubby found this for me at $10.00.  Best price - $5.00!

I set it on a cocktail napkin so you can see how small it is.  I love glassware and milk pitchers so this was a triple score.

I love these soft little leather boots.  I don't know why, but I really wanted them.  $10.00 - best price $8.00.  Maybe I will display them with my dad's christening dress. (Yes, they wore dresses back then.)

See how teeny they are?

I probably would have bought more things except this old geezer kept following me around making me very nervous:

And this totally took away my appetite. VEGETARIANS LOOK AWAY NOW! (ff)

Somebody actually bought this thing!?


An Urban Cottage said...

It's always nice to bring home a trinket or two. You would have had to fight me for the brown transferware.

Anonymous said...

Someone like my husband probably bought that thing! :-(

I love your transferware!! It will be perfect at Thanksgiving. I have a copy of a photo of my grandfather in a Christening dress. Those little boots are adorable, and it sounds like the lamp brings good memories. All in all, I call that a very successful day!

candyn said...

I love the dishes. Gorgeous! And the lamp is very fun. Great finds!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

That bloke would have made me nervous too! But did he carry everything from the car? If so, I'd keep him around ... maybe in the garage!? Ha.

Love your crockery. Price is ridiculous ... it sounds like one of those purchases where you keep a poker face, hand over the dosh really quick, turn around and then runaway really fast before they realise they've sold something seriously undervalued!

Love your haul. Love it. I think I'll have to come over for morning tea. And glad the lamp brings happy memories.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

The transferware? How lucky are you? Love the plates and they will look good any time. You have nice taste! (Unless you bought the deer head.) We had one of those when I was kid and we always put a santa hat on it at Christmas. So glad my dad took it in the divorce.

Linda said...

Ooh...I love that transferware and little shoes...

Leslie said...

I actually had a little lamp just like that... until one or two of my dogs knocked it over. Heads were literally rolling.

I love the dishes.
I am not a big fan of those deer thingies either .. my dad was a hunter and had lots of them.
Poor things. : (
Have a great weekend.

Jen Kershner said...

Love your lamp! I too could do without animal heads. Ewww...

elegancemaison said...

Your Flea finds are terrific - I love Flea markets and tomorrow we're standing at a Giant Flea in Shepton Mallet (near Glastonbury which is famous for it's mystical associations as well a major summer music festival). As you probably realise Meakin ware is pretty thick on the ground here in the UK. Actually Mr EM was brought up in Staffordshire close to the six towns known as 'The Potteries' where Meakin and tons of other well-known English crockery was made. He went to school with many of the sons and daughters of those famous families whose old firms and factories have long since been sold to anonymous corporations and eventual extinction. Needless to say our wedding presents consisted mainly of 'funky' Staffordshire coffee sets(more fashionable in 1970 than dinner services). I've an even better story about stuffed animal heads - though I think I've gone on long enough!

Joyce said...

The Meakin are a great find!

Janet said...

Hi Deb: I still have four dinner plates and a vegetable serving bowl - or around here a generous main course soup bowl! They were dinnerware deals at a local supermarket maybe 20 years ago - I wish I had bought the complete set - they are really lovely.
Enjoyed looking at your pictures. Too bad the really good magazines have disappeared - I really loved Century Home but they did tend to favour Otario homes.

Liberty Biberty said...

Love all your fabulous bargains Deb!