Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Found in Translation

We had an unexpected visit Tuesday evening by this little family.

 This is Na Yun and her mama.

This is William and his daddy.  His daddy is sort of like the son we never had.  We just took borrowed him from his parents once in awhile.  Hubby taught him to drive.  He babysat our kids sometimes.  After earning his degree, J (daddy) joined the Navy.  Then he decided to teach in Korea for awhile to pay off his student loans.  Then he met YJ. They got married and a few years later, he became a dad. During all this excitement, he earned a Masters degree in Linguistics from a British university.

They decided to move to Canada and returned here six months ago.  We are so happy! When they first arrived, Na Yun spoke little English and now she switches between Korean and English with no problem at all. William was not yet walking and now he's all over the place.

This is Na Yun in her little Korean dress.  Isn't she a doll?

YJ is a sweetheart and we love her dearly.  She loves to cook and we can't wait for an authentic Korean dinner when they move into their new house. Thankfully, there are several Korean families in our area and at least two authentic Korean food shops so YJ is very happy.  She has made some Korean friends here too. They even had her refrigerator shipped over because our fridges don't keep bean paste at the proper temperature.  Who knew?

This photo was taken in Korea.

So Shannan has her Korean littles and I have mine.  Happy times!


Make mine Mid-Century said...

What a great post! Love the info about the fridge ... crazy! And a beautiful family.

An Urban Cottage said...

The kids are gorgeous. What temperature does bean paste need to be?

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Who knew about the fridge???!! Veddy interesting. Your Korean peeps are so utterly gorgeous and beautiful! I have such a love for that country. Na Yun might make a lovely wife for one of my boys one I right??? :)

Anonymous said...

So happy for friends to be living nearby you again. You'll love your Korean meal! I have Korean friends and she's an awesome cook. The pictures are wonderful!!

Leslie said...

My oldest daughter wants to teach overseas. Her major has changed and she is will be an Art minor and English major ~ something like that.
What a beautiful little girl. Great post.
Have a wonderful weekend

Josh said...

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