Monday, August 16, 2010

Colour Me HELP!

After watching Hoarders last night I decided to tackle #2's old bedroom for a clearout.  She left a lot of things in there after she got married and I had things stashed away too.

Once I got started it didn't take too long to clear out.  Now Gentle Readers, this is where you come in.  Do you see that wooden wall in the picture?  Should I paint it?  I want to change out the green as well.  I'm sure you lovely readers could help me. I want to keep the pink things and the quilt has a pale green background that I also want to keep.

Here is a better picture of the wall.  As you can see it has never been painted or papered over.

Here is a pre-clean out picture to keep me honest.

This is a wardrobe given to us by friends after they found out we had few closets.  It is now full of prom dresses. That corner has been cleaned up too.

That curtain is going as well.  All the furniture in this room are things that I had as a girl. I managed to get rid of  a bag full of clothes as well as other "stuff".  Go me.  I think I'm on a roll.  There might be some good pickin's at the end of the driveway!


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

You go girl! Sold all my daughter's old clothes on ebay! It was kind of fun. I think the wood wall has to go white. I'm a bit partial to painted wood. Would a softer green look nice? Maybe a very soft taupey color? I do mean very soft and subtle? Any other colors in the quilt? Your room has great bones. Maybe a buttercream color on the walls but still white on the wood? Keep us posted!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Did I mention I thought the quilt is really pretty? Well it is!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Why has the wall never been painted? Could you keep it as an unpainted feature wall? An uuntouched link with the past?

I love your old furniture ... you could have a little grandaughter visit you one day! Wouldn't that be lovely?

Pickings at the end of the drive? I'm there!

Good work, Deb. Love your busy-ness.

Janet said...

No to painting that original finish wall!!! The first rule of restoration vs. renovation is to leave original finishes alone.
You don't mention what the floor is - could it be the original spruce or fir boards?
As for colour, a pale cream or your beloved cloud white is the way to go. Declutter the shelves, keep the lovely miniature houses but paint them indivisual colour schemes and spread them out on the otherwise now empty shelves.
Do you need a window treatment at all?
BTW this furniture would be nice in a larger room but this room needs smaller scale and more "period" furniture - a small period chest of drawers and maybe a nice primitive washstand along with a simple chair and perhaps a carpenter's box or a sea chest?

Anonymous said...

Well if it were me, I would probably paint the wall a creamy white.


jen @ homeinthecountry said...

This post reminds me of this:

I kind of love the natural wood on the wall. Also, I think I love the green. So if you paint the other walls white (or what about very light grey?), will you paint a piece of furniture or two green? Or maybe paint those dollhouses green? They're awesome. (I love pink/green combos, and that sweet quilt needs something pretty to compliment it!)

Maybe consider hanging a white picture frame or other object on that wood wall?

Love that you're inspiration is hoarders!! :) So funny!

An Urban Cottage said...

It's hard to imagine that the wood wall would never have been touched in 200 years. Are you sure they're original? They would probably be of varying widths if original. If you're confident they're original, I don't think I could recommend painting them. If they're not, I'd paint them white in a second.

debbie said...

I would paint everything creamy white to make the room fresh and feminine to go along with your lovely quilt. I think a bedroom should be as serene and uncluttered as possible. I agree with Jen, check out her link to The Lettered Cottage.
PS: I am doing the same thing right now.

Jemjoop said...

Hoarders makes me clean too. Yikes! Did you paint it?