Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Picture Perfect

Do you remember my dining room mantle?

Do you remember that I said those pictures had to go?  They are covering up little secret cupboards that are now a secret no longer.  It was hard to find something because there was little wiggle room in the measurements to cover the openings and fit properly above the mantle.  On one of our forays into Homesense, I found these:

They are sepia prints of staircases in Paris.  I really like them because they are serene and don't yell "Notice Me!"

I wish I could get a better shot of them, but there is some glare from the glass.

I don't know why Homesense doesn't offer me a job.  I must own half the company by now because of my many purchases and free advertising.

I feel so much better when I walk through the dining room now. I was going to remove those word stickies that came from the dollar store but so many of you liked them so I kept them up there.  Let me know when you want me to take them down.


Make mine Mid-Century said...

I think that looks fab! Very dignified. I love the consistency of colour. Leave the wording ... I think it anchors everything on the mantlepiece.

Amazing what an effect a satisfying arrangment can have, isn't it?

Looks great! Good job. Don't let those horses in to mess the place up!

GardenofDaisies said...

I do like these pictures with the wall color and the decor you currently have on the mantle. Looks really good!

An Urban Cottage said...

I love that you've united everything with columns. There are columns in the photos, little columns on the gorgeous clock and the candles are essentially columns. I think we should put YOU on a pedestal. Very well done!

Anonymous said...

Is Homesense the same as our Homegoods??? Just wondering. I love the new pictures.


Anonymous said...

I love this more subdued look! It's all very cohesive and I also immediately noticed the column tie as Steve did. They look gorgeous with your mantle clock. They look like they belong there rather than just having up pictures to hide the doors. Well done!

I still like the writing ~ :)

jen @ homeinthecountry said...

Ohh! I like these! It looks so great! Very simple and elegant!

Rural Revival said...

Wow, I wouldn't have believed the difference they made if I hadn't seen it. It looks great!

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing difference! It's hard to believe that such a small change can make such a huge difference. Looks fabulous!

Maybe this Homesense store can just give you gift cards in exchange for free advertising. You should approach them...you never know.

Leslie said...

The new pictures look very pretty!!!
I love the ceiling in there too.
Happy Wednesday

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Fabulous seems to be my word of the week, but these look much more fabulous then the first ones. Serene my dear. Homesense must by like Home Goods here in the states. I love Home Goods! Your entire mantle looks wonderful, er, I mean FABULOUS!

aimee said...

i think you should ask for some credit! you have done a wonderful job on decorating.

Linda said...

That looks beautiful, Deb! I love the whole feeling of this setup!

Janet said...

I find the writing of exhortations on the walls/mantelpiece takes away from the inherent great architectural quality and serenity of the fireplace surround. Needs to go - I think you will like it much more without the stick-ons.

Janet said...

Me again, Deb - I've just read through your whole blog, start to finish and enjoyed it thoroughly - you have a lovely home. Your tall case clock is to die for - beautiful!! Imagine it surviving at least two trips by ship too - once across the Atlantic and then up the coast to New Brunswick at the end of the American Revolution. Amazing!