Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Clarification.

Gentle Readers,
It seems as though my superior writing skills have let me down.  I received this comment from Anonymous regarding the Green Lady post.

Anonymous said...
I did not just attend Mt.A - but graduated from there with a BA. Most days I didn't think I'd ever see initials after my name... but I pulled through.
- Daughter #2 
My abject apologies to #2 for failing to make it clear that she graduated from the Number One Rated Undergraduate University in Canada.
#2 in graduation regalia
Love you darlin'.


Becky said...

AGAIN ... you make me laugh. Sounds like #2 got your great sense of humor too.

the domestic fringe said...

We never doubted her academic accomplishments for a second...Not a second! :-)

I must write a retraction too. Mistakes happen. If only we had editors.

Janice said...

How can we remember everything, the older they get, the older we get!!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

#2 looks and sounds very accomplished.

Can you explain her get-up?

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Wow! You Canadians sure dress differently for graduation! LOL Great senses of humor don't fall far from the tree - now aren't you lucky!

Anonymous said...

ha! I love your daughters. She looks cute in that dress.

Linda said...

LOL! You must sure have fun together!

L said...

ah ha ha!