Monday, March 8, 2010

Ode to a Country Kitchen in Winter

I've tweaked my kitchen mantle a bit this week.

How do you like it now?
I like it much better than before. Thank you for all your suggestions and help. It's still a work in progress. Maybe it always will be!
I've had these bottles for a very long time, I just adore the old green glass. One of them says "Mellin's Infant's Food, Boston". Another says "Goodall Backhouse & Co." Has anyone heard of these companies?


Anonymous said...

Ohh! I love that old window - it fills the space so nicely.

Just a thought, but what if you centered the window more and added two old shutters on either side, then split the bottles so that some were on either side of the window (in front of the shutters)?

Or, what if left things as they are, but hung a little picture above some of the shorter bottles, just to the left of the window?

I love the old bottles - such a fun addition! And I imagine that when spring hits, you can grab flowers from the yard and stick them in one of the bottles to add a little spring to your mantle!!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I can't get past your old wood stove.....serious envy on my part!

Anonymous said...

I love your woodstove insert! It's beautiful. I also like the bottles and window. I have a collection of small glass bottles, but those are really nice!

Very nice.

L said...

oh! I like homeinthecountry's suggestion of fresh flowers in spring!

Mrs. P. said...

I love the old bottles...I always love old bottles, lol. Your blog is lovely :)