Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deb and Dm's Excellent Adventure

This week is my husband's March Break. Every year we do something really exciting and today was the day! After a breakfast of waffles we drove to the BIG CITY to help DM's sister pick out some drapery fabric:
Then we proceeded to the building supply store to buy some plywood:

Upon arriving home we received a phone message inviting us out to dinner. Yay! Just before we left for dinner, we received another phone call canceling said dinner. dude!! I felt it was too late to cook so I went out and bought one of these:

After the delicious dinner, I put on one of these! Whoa! I need excitement like this way more often...totally!
Hope your day was as exciting as mine. Whew, I'm glad spring break only comes once a year!


Peach Blossom Hill said...

So funny! I am laughing hysterically! Cute robe by the way!

And next time, don't stack quite so much plywood on your little car! Funny!


Anonymous said...

You are too cute! You saw what my day consisted of, nothing too terribly exciting.


Becky said...

this was so great ... you sound like you are easily entertained just like I am .. we'd get along great :)

L said...

I want waffles